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Reinventing Lisa, Days 17-22:
The past 6 days I took a break from
writing about reinventing Lisa. I focused
instead on selling Lisa and networking
with publishers and authors attending the
annual Los Angeles Religious Education
Congress in Anaheim, Calif. I tried to lis-
ten to God's voice as I walked every aisle
of the huge exhibition hall. Does God
want me to continue working in religious
publishing? Am I being called to continue
in the Ministry of the Word in my own
unique way as someone who identifies
writers and develops and shepherds prod-
ucts to publication? Or does God want
me to explore something totally new?
As I walked around my gardens this
morning, I spotted 8 pots of unplanted
rudbeckia that I did not get around to
planting last fall. I thought these perennial
flowers would die over the winter, but a
wise master gardener told me to just let
them rest and that the plants would reap-
pear in the spring. The rudbeckia indeed
are sending green shoots upward!
I decided that I may be just like these
perennial rudbeckia -- I went dormant for
a short time and now am ready to bloom
again on new growth.
Reinventing Lisa, Week 4:
One month down. Today I am ponder-
ing the little and not-so-little lessons
learned so far:
Adversity lets you know who your true
friends are.
Treating people the way you want to

Reinventing Lisa, Day 11:
Despite owning a laptop, a
Blackberry, and a Kindle Fire, I'm still a
lover of snail mail. Today I opened our
mailbox and found that my brother
and his wife enrolled me for a year in
the Association of Marian Helpers.
Included in the enrollment gift card is a
beautiful prayer for those who seek
God, our Father, I turn to you seek-
ing your divine help and guidance as I
look for suitable employment. I need
your wisdom to guide my footsteps
along the right path, and to lead me
to find the proper things to say and do
in this quest. I wish to use the gifts
and talents you have given me, but I
need the opportunity to do so with
gainful employment. Do not abandon
me, dear Father, in this search, but
rather grant me this favor I seek so
that I may return to you with praise
and thanksgiving for your gracious
assistance. Grant this through Christ,
our Lord. Amen.
Reinventing Lisa, Day 14:
Two weeks of unemployment down.
How many to go? As part of the rein-
venting Lisa effort, today I:
Filed for unemployment compensa-
tion. 'Nuff said. A horrid experience for
someone who has worked since she
was 14 and has always liked working.
Downloaded a template business
card and added my contact info to it
and then drove to Staples to have 300
business cards printed.
Continued my daily walking pro-
gram. I trekked 3 miles today with one
of my neighbors.
Spoke with 3 former coworkers also
laid off. We supported each other's
job-hunting efforts and exchanged tips
about dealing with all the details of
being unemployed.
Brought beauty into my life by
watching the season premier of
"Dancing With the Stars." What can
be more beautiful than the graceful
movements of the human body in har-
mony with music?
Ended my day with more March
Madness. I don't generally watch col-
lege basketball during the regular sea-
son, but I love watching the NCAA
tourney games. Another glorious man-
ifestation of beautiful body move-
be treated -- at home, in your com-
munity and in the workplace -- does
pay off.
Trusting in God does not come
easily, but the reward for doing so is
peace of mind, restful sleep, and a
calm colon.
Being unemployed is hard work.
Being unemployed can bring
health benefits if you approach the
time with the right attitude.
Domestic chores are a great
source of relaxation, exercise and sat-
isfaction for a job well done.
Patience is truly a virtue (and one
that I do not always practice but real-
ize is critical to discerning next career
I am proud that I have survived the
first month of unemployment and can
laugh again, see possibilities where I
never looked, and make the most of
this blessing of time away from the
daily grind of work.
Reinventing Lisa, Week 7:
I've taken a long break from provid-
ing updates on my progress of rein-
venting myself. Here's why:
I went on vacation with my hubby
and enjoyed a very relaxing and
peaceful and thoughtful time in Gulf
Shores, Ala. There's really nothing to
ease my mind like sitting on a beauti-
ful beach and watching and listening
to the waves come in and
go out.
I visited my alma mater,
part of my long-term volun-
teer commitment to give
back to an organization that
has given me so much.
I have been resting, to
be honest. I am sorting through feel-
ings and thoughts and trying to move
into a place of inner calm and peace
and joy. I want to be thoroughly ready
mentally, physically and emotionally to
tackle a new job.