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By Beth A. Eberth
hat does it take to get col-
lege students out of bed
early on a Sunday morning?
On March 11, it was the thought of a
road trip with six dozen friends and
the promise of another animated, sig-
nature round of Bonnies basketball.
The nail biting wasn't supposed to
start until near tipoff of the men's
game against Xavier in the Atlantic 10
Championship in Atlantic City. But just
a few hours after two buses loaded
with students had left campus for the
Garden State, an oil leak on one of the
buses was discovered.
One of the 41 students on the broken
bus, undergrad Bryan Clark, '13, said it
was heartbreaking to watch the other
bus leave them behind. By the time
the leak was fixed, it was too late for
the bus to continue to New Jersey, so
instead, the Applebee's in Hornell
became home base for that contingent
of the Wolf Pack.
The Bona Brown T-shirts and sweat-
shirts quickly crushed the green envy
they had felt for those who'd made it
to the Boardwalk as the students --
and other patrons in the restaurant --
were consumed by the fevered chants
of Bona pride.
"The moment the game ended will be
one none of us will likely ever forget,"
said Clark.
The entire spring was teeming with
those "moments," as you'll see from
the perspectives of many alums and
fans who shared their March dance card
with us in this issue of the magazine.
t seemed like the sound of "Pomp
and Circumstance" was still ringing
in the RC Arena when our largest
turnout ever of alums was arriving for
Alumni Reunion Weekend. With
Bona's hosting more than 1,100 alum-
ni and guests during the June 1-3
event, it was a spectacular celebration.
Don Schroeder, '67, (pictured above
with his wife) had been looking for-
ward to his 45th class reunion, but had
no idea a special recognition was wait-
ing for him.
Back in the spring of 1967, as Don was
completing his final classes at SBU, he
was drafted and sent to Vietnam. He
received his diploma, but missed out on
attending Commencement with his
classmates. Thanks to a suggestion by
his wife, Jean (O'Neill), '69, Don was
recognized during the Alumni Banquet
by University President Sr. Margaret
Carney. Surprised to suddenly hear his
name called during the banquet, Don
was draped in a cap and gown and
officially presented with his diploma by
Sr. Margaret to the applause of class-
mates and friends.
I would like to acknowledge some
additional graduates in this space --
members of the class of 2012 -- who
received Bonaventure magazine for the
first time as alumni. Because I know
you're anxious to get to the rest of the
magazine, I'll keep my spiel short:
Send in your career news!
Your fellow classmates love knowing
what you're up to, and so does the
rest of the Bona Family.
(Beth A. Eberth is director of university
communications at St. Bonaventure.)
Editor's Letter
Once a Bonnie, always a Bonnie, no matter
what roadblocks get in the way
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