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Dear Alumni and Friends,
During graduation weekend in May, I had the honor of induct-
ing the Class of 2014 into the St. Bonaventure University Alumni
Association. It was a great moment
to see new members join us, creating
an association of 27,400+ alumni.
We reminded new alumni to join
local chapters, participate in events,
and network with fellow alumni to
stay connected and build new rela-
tionships. I know you will join me in
welcoming them to the family.
As the school year ended, we
shifted our focus to the future. Re-
cruitment efforts for the Class of
2019 have begun, forcing the univer-
sity to face challenges taking shape in Western New York. The
demographics in our traditional recruiting areas are shifting. Tra-
ditional areas, such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and
parts of Ohio and Connecticut, have fewer high school seniors,
fewer Catholic elementary and high schools, and a challenging
economy. So as SBU begins the recruitment process for the Class
of 2019, we need your assistance.
Think of the high-school-age students in your life -- maybe
children, grandchildren or the sons and daughters of friends and
colleagues. Do they know about St. Bonaventure? Would they
want to learn more? Would they want to become a Bonnie?
Next to our enrollment team, you are the university's greatest
enrollment resource. No one else can tell the St. Bonaventure
story like you.
What story would you tell? While most alumni like to focus
their stories on the fun times they experienced during college, we
know the St. Bonaventure story is much more: small class sizes,
strong faculty-student relations, a national reputation, outstand-
ing academic opportunities, and student-centered programs for
ministry, sports, volunteering, and academics. These, coupled
with the life-long friendships and critical thinking a Bonnie gains,
are all part of the Bonaventure story, of your story.
So, as our next recruitment year begins, think about how you
can help St. Bonaventure build our future. Maybe you have a
connection with a local Catholic or private high school and could
partner with an enrollment counselor,
strengthening the relationship. Maybe you
could become a SHARE volunteer and repre-
sent us at a college fair or write a letter to a
potential student. Please feel free to contact the alumni office to
learn more about opportunities to help the Class of 2019 enroll-
ment initiative. Thank you for your anticipated help. Go Bona's!
Robert P. Kane, '78
President, National Alumni Association Board
NAAB President
Please keep sharing your
St. Bonaventure story
Alumni Office
To submit information for the next issue of Bonaventure
magazine, use the enclosed envelope, fill out an online form
at, or mail information to P.O. Box
2509, St. Bonaventure University, St. Bonaventure, NY 14778.
1959 -- Dr. William Kerr closed his career with the University
of Maryland, Europe, after 25 years teaching philosophy and
psychology in Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK,
and Iceland. Kerr was chair of the global fac-
ulty's Faculty Advisory Council for three of his
six years in elected office, representing the
3,600 worldwide faculty. Kerr lives in Wies-
baden, Germany, and will be setting up a prac-
tice in Logic Based Therapy, a variation on the
counseling techniques of Albert Ellis and Elliot
Cohen. He would like to hear from classmates at
1964 -- Peter Welch retired from the practice of internal med-
icine in 2011. During his career he served as chief of medicine
and vice president for Medical Affairs for 15 years at Northern
Westchester Hospital in Mt. Kisco, N.Y. Welch has been listed in
Best Doctors in New York as well as in Best Doctors in the
United States for many years. He specialized in internal medi-
cine and infectious diseases. Welch enjoys flying small planes,
riding his motorcycle and reading history books. He lives in
Carmel, N.Y., with his companion, Sandra Riccio. He has three
1972 -- Dr. Robert Kochersberger appeared on Jeopardy!
April 28. Kochersberger, associate professor of English at North
Carolina State University, graduated from St. Bonaventure with
a degree in journalism. He received his Ph.D. from the Univer-
sity of Tennessee.
Kochersberger has
been teaching jour-
nalism at N.C. State
since 1986. He is an
expert on muckraker
Ida Tarbell and rou-
tinely writes for the
Raleigh News & Ob-
server. He has also
been a Fulbright pro-
fessor in Yugoslavia,
Thailand, Egypt and
Slovenia. For fun, he
is a private pilot. In the 1970s, Kochersberger worked as a re-
porter at The Post-Journal in Jamestown and then at The Bing-
hamton Press.
1973 -- Christine Crawford, vice president of the Baltimore
County Chamber of Commerce, was named to the board of
The Foundation for Baltimore County Public Library.
1975 -- A number of members of the class of '75 celebrated
their 60th birthdays at their annual reunion in Pennsylvania at
the "camp" of Frank "Mole" Roberts: Tom Alico, Neil McK-
Robert Kochersberger (right) is pictured
with Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek.