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Why St. Bonaventure?
After looking at many
options on where to continue my academic
and athletic careers, I found St. Bonaventure to
be an ideal fit. As a golfer, I found St.
Bonaventure to have a good D1 program with
a great tournament schedule involving a lot of travel. As a student, it was ideal
for my intended business major and not too far from home.
What does this scholarship mean for you?
With the ever-increasing finan-
cial commitment that higher education continues to be, this scholarship is a
much-appreciated alleviation of future debt and stress, and gives me peace of
mind that I am decreasing the amount of debt that I will have to pay off to fi-
nance my education.
How did you choose your major?
I selected management as sort of a gen-
eral major to start. I'm not sure what exactly I want to do when I get out of col-
lege, but I know I want to do something with business. Management seemed
to be a broad degree that could be helpful in many different positions. I will
certainly add either another major or a couple minors by the time I graduate.
WINTER 2016-17
Many of our supporters agree that helping students achieve educational
dreams through an endowed scholarship is one of the most rewarding invest-
ments they can make. Due to the generosity of our community, more than
$1.3 million in endowed scholarship aid was awarded during the past fiscal
year, allowing talented students access to St. Bonaventure's distinctive brand of
higher education.
Read on to learn about a few of our scholarship recipients and how an
endowed scholarship has impacted their lives.
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Why St. Bonaventure?
I came from
a small high school where everyone
knew everyone, so I felt comfortable
coming to a similar scene here at
Bonaventure. The alumni are so pas-
sionate about this school and you al-
ways get the same reaction when you
tell them you go to Bonaventure. I
knew that if these people loved their
school still, after 20-plus years, I
would, too.
How did you choose your major?
have always loved working with chil-
dren. I chose elementary and special
education because by being a
teacher, I can touch the lives of so
many children in various ways. I can
be a teacher, a leader, a role model, a
coach and a person to lean on -- and
each of those titles is so important.
Are you involved in any campus
clubs or activities?
I am currently
part of Bona Buddies, Enactus and
Family Business Club. Through Enac-
tus, I am part of Canvas for a Cure,
which hosted a canvas painting party
to raise money for children who have
Justine A. Chiavetta
Class of 2018
Scholarship: The Sylvia Foster and
Anna LoPresti Endowment Scholarship
Major: Elementary Education/Special
Hometown: Angola, N.Y.
A Parent's Perspective
With two sons in college, money is always more of a concern than I
wish it was. And then there is parent debt and student debt. I feel so
very grateful for the scholarship and the peace of mind it gives us.
What a blessing that extra help is!
~ Tami Phillips (mother of Nolan T. Ditcher)
Nolan T. Ditcher
Class of 2020
Scholarship: The Mary Ellen Honan
Memorial Scholarship
Major: Management
Hometown: Randolph, N.Y.