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For the next three days, we relied on
planes, trains, automobiles and some
good old-fashioned Keds as we hit Vir-
ginia, Maryland, D.C., and NYC to
gather the stories of alums in the early
years of their professional careers or
graduate school.
"What do you miss most about
Bona's?" we asked each one. Their re-
sponses were identical, as if they'd lis-
tened in on a previous interview: "My
friends, the camaraderie, the close net-
work of faculty and staff."
Similarly, they shared the stories of
their careers, of networking with fellow
alumni, of touching base with a former
faculty member, of weekend 5K
fundraisers and softball tournaments.
They are seeking and exploring relation-
ships with the same care and enthusiasm
they had as students. They're living the
Bonaventure legacy.
I was reminded of our Charlotte hosts'
generosity the other evening as I left my
office in Francis Hall. The few brittle
leaves still clinging to bare branches
rocked in the wind.
"Come back when you can stay
longer," our friends in Charlotte had
called out as we filled a cab's trunk with
our suitcases and equipment.
I think February would be a perfect
time for follow-up interviews.
Beth Eberth is director of university com-
munications at St. Bonaventure.
WINTER 2013-2014
Editor's Letter
Our young alums are living the Bonaventure legacy
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These seven SBU grads are not just friends -- they're co-workers at the Charlotte,
N.C., firm Mindseeker. Pictured from left are Brendan Ryan, '00; Tom Lamendola,
'98; Joe Ryan, '96; Marty Ryan, '96; Sean Rickard, '06; Jason McCorduck, '96; and
Dan Bratys, '06.
By Beth A. Eberth
s soon as we disembarked from
our early morning flight to Char-
lotte, N.C., my two colleagues
and I shrugged off our coats that had
been a necessity at 5 a.m. in Buffalo and
gladly drew in the warm September air.
Our visit to Charlotte was the first stop
on an aggressive four-day tour to meet
with nearly two dozen young alums
(their stories start on Page 7).
Home base for the day was the office
of Mindseeker, a firm that provides con-
sulting and staffing services to govern-
ment and commercial clients and also
boasts seven St. Bonaventure alums on
its payroll. Among its employees is Sean
Rickard, '06, president of the SBU
Alumni Chapter in Charlotte.
So much more than characteristic
Southern hospitality welcomed us. Sean
had put out a call to young professionals
in the city who would be willing to share
their stories with us -- and you. For six
hours, Bonnies faithful stopped by Mind-
seeker's offices located in a historic re-
purposed building that bears the
brickwork of another era, when the
building whined with the manufacturing
of tools.
It wasn't the first time recent grad
Marc Sorrentino had been to Mind-
seeker's office. When he was job hunt-
ing, he had an appointment with one of
their recruiters. Not knowing the firm's
Bona connections before he arrived,
Marc thought someone was playing a
joke on him when he stepped into the
office's waiting area and immediately
spied the Bonaventure paraphernalia
that takes residence.