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WINTER 2013-2014
By Samantha Berkhead, '14
t. Bonaventure's Career and Profes-
sional Readiness Center (CPRC) and
department of Alumni Services are
working in conjunction to introduce the
Alumni Internship Program.
The program originated out of a mutual
desire to organize and formalize the pro-
fessional connection between working
alumni and current students seeking in-
ternships, according to Monica Mattioli,
executive director of alumni operations.
"We wanted to tap into a resource that
was always there," Mattioli said. "Our
students need internships to graduate and
get jobs and our alumni want to provide
professional experiences."
Pamela Ferman, career counselor and
employer relations coordinator of the
CPRC, said she hopes the program will be-
come another way for alumni to get in-
volved with their alma mater.
"It's a great poten-
tial resource for stu-
dents, especially those
who need internship
hours to graduate,"
she said. "It's also a
great way for alumni
to give back to their
alma mater."
Senior marketing major Cody Clifford
participated in the Alumni Internship Pro-
gram's pilot program last summer, com-
pleting a sales and marketing internship at
Nissan North America's Northeastern Re-
gional Office in Somerset, N.J.
The CPRC and Alumni Services reached
out to a targeted group of alumni, and in
a short time Gary Frigo, '81, regional vice
president of the Northeastern Regional
Office, responded with an opportunity.
Students were notified of the internship
through email and encouraged to apply
through the CPRC, which was where Clif-
ford discovered the
"When my
company an-
nounced that our
Northeast Regional
Office would have a
summer intern, I imme-
diately thought of St. Bonaventure," Frigo
said. "I thought it would be an excellent
opportunity for a student who was inter-
ested in marketing and sales to have a
month or two `in the real world' and to ex-
perience the very competitive automobile
industry. I know I would have loved an op-
portunity like that when I was at Bona's."
Clifford said his experience with Nissan
gave him an opportunity to strengthen his
understanding of how marketing works
outside the classroom.
"It was really cool to work with an alum
and see his career path post-Bona's," Clif-
ford said. "I also gained an understanding
Experience necessary:
Michael Murphy knew how to
work long days long before he
began work at the Royal Bank of
Thanks to his time at St. Bona-
venture as a mathematics major,
Division 1 athlete, and member
of Students in Money Manage-
ment (SIMM), efficiently manag-
ing a busy schedule is nothing
new to this financial analyst.
By his senior year, Murphy was
an expert at balancing his aca-
demics, his athletics, his social
life, and his extracurricular activi-
"A lot of professions will look
at schools and look to see who
the athletes are, because they
know that if they're looking for
someone who's going to dedi-
cate a majority of their day to
becoming better at a job ... ath-
letes are the ones who can man-
age their time really well, and
they're used to waking up early
in the morning and having no
breaks," he said.
Murphy does not attribute his
success solely to his hardworking
Class Year:
Salem, N.Y.
Fast Forward:
I'd like to see
myself in five years still here
in New York City, because I
love it. Hopefully I'll still be at
the Royal Bank of Canada,
and possibly going back to
get my master's. Maybe later
on I'll get my Ph.D. and be-
come a professor at a col-
lege. That's kind of the plan
I've laid out for myself, but
you never know, because
three or four years ago I
didn't even know that I'd be
sitting here.
nature and the loaded
schedule he learned to bal-
ance, however, but also to
the broadness of his major.
As early as four years ago,
Murphy did not know what
direction he wanted to take
with his future, but majoring
in mathematics exposed him
to a number of options and
allowed him to "fall in love
with finance."
"I had so many professors
who went out of their way
to help me," Murphy said.
Whether he was doing class-
work or applying for jobs, he
recalls that he could always
turn to the Bonaventure fac-
The community service
Murphy did at the Warming
House every Wednesday
evening humbled him and
gave him a strong incentive
to succeed.
"Working at the soup
kitchen, the Warming House,
kind of puts things in per-
spective," he said. He saw in
a very powerful way just
how fortunate he was and
how much he owed those
who had helped him, and
he became determined not
to take these privileges for
Alumni internship