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WINTER 2013-2014
A Message from 2013-2015 Alumni Association President Robert P. Kane, '78
Alumni Association
Dear fellow alumni and friends,
A unique characteristic of St.
Bonaventure alumni is the inten-
sity of their commitment to help
each other and our students.
Today, that support is needed
more than ever. We ask alumni es-
tablished in their careers to sup-
port our younger alumni and
current students by facilitating ca-
reer and internship opportunities.
In today's environment, securing
employment can be a challenge.
While the value of a St. Bonaven-
ture degree is well respected, it is
often that special alumni connec-
tion that helps to provide an indi-
vidual with his or her first foot in
the door.
In recent meetings with the Na-
tional Alumni Association Board
(NAAB), our academic deans con-
sistently expressed the desire to
strengthen their relationships with
Pay it Forward: Helping Younger Alumni and Students
Every dean
seeks addi-
tional job
ties for
and intern-
ship oppor-
tunities for
current stu-
There are numerous ways you can help pay it
Mentor younger alumni as they launch their
Speak with students about careers within
your professional field.
Connect a student to an internship.
Share job opportunities from your own
Participate in a career event on campus.
Invite students to your place of business to
expose them to new opportunities.
Hire a Bonnie!
For more information on how you can help,
please contact the Office of Alumni Services at
On behalf of all alumni, I want to acknowl-
edge our immediate past president, Bob Crow-
ley, '71, who strategically led the board,
emphasizing forward thinking, Franciscan val-
ues, and passion for service. Serving with me
during this academic year are:
First Vice President: Kristan McMahon, '97
Second Vice President: Andrew Mantilia, '08
Secretary: Maureen Butler Maier, '78
I am very proud to serve with these officers,
and with the dedicated members of the NAAB. I
look forward to helping enhance the alumni ex-
perience and supporting St. Bonaventure Univer-
sity in a variety of ways during the next two
Robert P. Kane, '78
President, NAAB
1951 -- Stan Lewza was inducted into the
Capital Region (Section 2) Football Hall of
Fame Aug. 9. The son of immigrants who mi-
grated to the United States, Lewza was a no-
nonsense, rugged football player who excelled
for La Salle Institute, St. Bonaventure, the
United States Marines and the Green Bay
Packers. When his playing days were com-
plete, he became a legendary football coach at
Ft. Edward.
1953 -- Don Stedman was elected presi-
dent-elect of the Association of Retired Faculty
of the University of North Carolina at Chapel
Hill. He will take office in April 2014 for a two-
year term. During his 35 years at Carolina,
Stedman served as dean of education, associ-
ate vice president for Academic Affairs and
vice president for research and Public Service
Programs of the UNC system. He resides in
Chatham County, N.C., with his wife, Helen.
60th Reunion ~ 2014
1954 -- Wally Kuhn calls on his classmates
to reserve the weekend of June 6-8 for the
60th anniversary of the Class of 1954 reunion.
55th Reunion ~ 2014
1959 -- Steve Batthany, M.D., finished first
in the 75+ age group in a 5K fun run/walk at
the American Academy of Family Physicians
Assembly in San Diego. He will be travelling
again to Kingston, Jamaica, in February with
the Missionaries of Life.
1963 -- John A. Cirando,
was honored Oct. 17,
2013, as the recipient of the
2013 Onondaga County Bar
Association Distinguished
Lawyer Award. Cirando's prac-
tice in Syracuse is concen-
trated in the Appellate area.
1976 -- Forty years ago, Jim Johnson
began his master's degree in the education
program at St. Bonaventure. He was flying
high when he graduated in 1976. A lifetime
later, he was a crew member of the NASA
Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astron-
omy (SOFIA). After two years of a rigorous se-
lection process by NASA, a graduate level
astronomy course, clearance from his doctor,
and signing of an anti-fatigue form, the 63-
year-old flew two back-to-back NASA SOFIA
missions in September 2013 as an Airborne
Astronomer Ambassador. The observatory is
based at the Dryden Aircraft Operations Facil-
ity and is the world's largest airborne astro-
nomical observatory. The aircraft complements
NASA's space tele-
scopes, as well as
major Earth-based
telescopes. SOFIA
features a Ger-
man-built far-in-
frared telescope
with an effective
diameter of 100
inches. The tele-
scope weighs 19
tons and is
mounted in the
rear fuselage of a highly modified Boeing
747SP aircraft. Johnson flew in the navigator
seat in the cockpit of the 747-SP, then served
as a crew member for the duration of the
flight, which took place mostly over the Pacific
Ocean flying north nearly to Alaska and then
nearly to Hawaii. Johnson is an alternative ed-
ucation science teacher at Beacon Light in
Bradford, Pa.
1978 -- Bill Fulton has been appointed plan-
ning director for the city of San Diego. Most
recently, Fulton served as vice president for
policy at Smart Growth America, an advocacy
group in Washington, D.C. He previously
served as mayor of Ventura, Calif., (a city
named for St. Bonaventure) and also authored