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Wall Street
the world
hough his long Wall Street hours discourage him
from bringing work home, the huge pile of books
on Matt Dabrowski's nightstand reflects the career
and lifestyle he has immersed himself in since he gradu-
ated from St. Bonaventure in 2004.
"I have some travel books, political science books with
some nice regressions and graphs in them, a book on Pres-
ident Obama's first year in office, a book on Russian poli-
tics ..." Dabrowski said and mentioned another book on
interest rate markets. "Our job as political analysts at the
bank is to pay attention to political developments all over
the world where they may affect financial markets."
For the past year and a half, Dabrowski has worked as a
senior associate for political analysis in the research de-
partment at Citigroup in New York City.
Before this success, Dabrowski majored in political sci-
ence at Bonaventure.
"The most important part of a Bonaventure education is
the experience you have when you're on campus,"
Dabrowski said. "Our Franciscan values and the faculty,
staff and classmates provide an experience you really can't
get anywhere else."
The Connecticut native knew he wanted to go to
Bonaventure after seeing the campus. He lived in Francis
Hall his freshman year, Doyle his sophomore year and then
migrated to the townhouses as a junior and senior.
He mentioned Dr. Mary Rose Kubal and Dr. Bart Lambert
as key professors for political science. "At the time we had
Dr. Jim Moor and Dr. Neal Carter, who were also very in-
By Emily Steves, '15
Fundraising continues for athletics fields project
enovations to the McGraw-Jennings
athletics fields remain the univer-
sity's top facility priority, and
fundraising for the project is pro-
gressing steadily.
As of Oct. 15, nearly half
of the $3 million project goal
had been raised. The goal is
to complete fundraising by
May 31, 2014, which would
allow construction to take place next sum-
mer. The planned opening is the fall of
The primary component of the project is
installation of artificial playing surfaces on
two fields -- the multi-purpose field,
which is home to the Bonnies' men's and
women's soccer and women's lacrosse
teams, and the softball field. The project
plans also include the addition of lighting
on the multi-purpose
The changes will
allow some of St.
Bonaventure's club
sports teams, such as
rugby, to hold their com-
petitions on the field. Overall, the new
fields will enrich the experiences of St.
Bonaventure students and prospective stu-
dents in ways that cannot take place now.
Tom Marra, '80, and his wife, Michelle,
gave the lead gift of $1 million.
"We are really excited about what these
new fields will mean not only for our Divi-
sion I teams that will utilize them, but for
the campus and the community as a
whole," said St. Bonaventure Athletics Di-
rector Steve Watson. "We are incredibly
grateful to Tom and Michelle Marra and
want to encourage other Bonnies fans to
help us complete the fundraising on
A number of events have been held in
support of the fields project, most recently
in Charlotte and Raleigh, N.C., Washing-
ton, D.C., and Naples, Fla.
Naming opportunities connected to gifts
to the fields project are available; contact
the Advancement Office at (800) 664-
1273 to speak with a gift officer.
fluential," Dabrowski said.
Dabrowski went on to study sur-
vey research at the University of
Connecticut and then worked in
campaign politics for nearly 10
"I am a pollster by profession,"
Dabrowski said. His work has
taken him across the country and
around the world. "I've lived in 13
cities over the past 10 years; that's
just part of the campaign lifestyle.
It's a career where one moves
But Dabrowski still finds time to
revisit his alma mater and his
He also serves on the National
Alumni Association Board, do-
nates at the Devereux level and is
an honored member of the uni-
versity's Young Grotto Society.
"I've been a supporter of
Bonaventure as long as I've been
able out of school," he said. "I've
always thought it was important
to even do small things and re-
connect with Bonaventure and my
fellow alums."
With his 10-year class reunion
next year, Dabrowski hopes to
head upstate.
"(Bonaventure) had a huge im-
pact on my skills, my attitude and
what I brought to the workforce
after I left," he said. "Giving to
Bonaventure reminds us of the
connection we have to the fun
times in the past and our
Bonaventure family."
Emily Steves, '15, is a journalism
major from Collins, N.Y., and has
written posts on her blog,,
since she was 14.
Political science graduate reflects on