background image
of how complex the automo-
bile industry is. I got to do
things like examine service
trends and work with customer
retention and marketing infrac-
tions. I also got a lot of chances
to network and meet other pro-
fessionals in the field. I'm very
thankful for the opportunity."
Frigo praised Clifford's work
ethic and drive that he ob-
served during his time with Nis-
"Cody is very sharp, very in-
telligent, very driven to succeed
and most of all very likable,"
Frigo said. "Our entire office
grew to really like him and he
helped many of the managers
on some key marketing tasks. It
was a great experience for Nis-
san and for Cody."
Ferman said the CPRC is try-
ing to expand the Alumni In-
ternship Program by going to
various alumni events and gath-
erings, including a holiday
break event in the Rochester,
N.Y. area, and through out-
reach via email and LinkedIn.
Many alumni have come for-
ward with opportunities, as
"We're trying to reach out to
alums who are in key positions
and have the clout to be able to
offer these internships that will
be specifically targeted toward
Bonaventure students," Ferman
Mattioli expressed the neces-
sity of a thriving and involved
alumni community for a pro-
gram like this to succeed.
"We have around 27,000 ac-
tive alumni all around the
world," she said. "On the uni-
versity website's front page, we
say that 95 percent of gradu-
ates are employed or in gradu-
ate school within six months of
graduation. It is our responsibil-
ity to come through on the
brand promise. That said, our
alumni love students and will
find any way to interact with
them. They're completely inter-
ested in showing them what it
means to be part of the Bonnie
culture. That's why we think the
Alumni Internship Program will
ultimately be a success."
(Samantha Berkhead is a sen-
ior journalism and mass com-
munication major from
Rochester, N.Y. Currently the
editor-in-chief of the Bona Ven-
ture, Berkhead enjoys reading,
tea, cats and creative writing.)

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under the
You could say that Santiago Castaneda gets a report
card every day evaluating his success as a financial ana-
lyst for Royal Bank of Canada.
"It's like you're taking a test every day because the
market will open at a certain level and the market will
close at a certain level, and, depending on how your in-
vestments did on that particular day, you're going to
know where you lost or made money," he said.
Castaneda is in his second year at RBC, a global enter-
prise that's the 11th largest bank in the world and has
80,000 employees.
"Being a financial analyst I specifically look at high
yield bonds, which is essentially high-risk companies.
And my job is to analyze their financials and decide
whether or not they're a good investment opportunity
for my group," he said.
Castaneda's road to New York City and RBC started
between his junior and senior year, when he emailed
more than 100 business and finance alumni inquiring
about internships. He later connected with an alumnus
working in Wealth Management for the Royal Bank of
Canada who helped him to get an interview and an in-
ternship that, ultimately, led to the position he has
It is these St. Bonaventure
relationships and experiences
that serve as a reminder to
remain grounded. Cas-
taneda's access to his profes-
sors helped him get the most
Class Year:
2011, 2012
Finance, MBA
Atlanta, Ga.
out of his degrees. His weekly service at The
Warming House with the swim team taught
him to be humble.
"A lot of times we think that we achieve
everything that we have because (of) our-
selves ... and sometimes we tend to forget
those that helped along the way," he said.
Castaneda's extracurricular commitments,
namely the swim team and Students in
Money Management (SIMM), served him just
as well as his classes did.
"I always like to speak about SIMM as kind
of the gateway between the academics and
the actual practice of what I'm doing today,"
Castaneda said. "It really ties it all together.
(In class) you learn about stocks: you learn
about evaluating stocks, what's a good
stock, what's a bad stock. You do that in
SIMM, too, but you're doing it with real
money, and that's essentially what I do now. I
concentrate specifically on bonds, but it's the
same concept."
As a Division 1 athlete, Castaneda gained
the kind of discipline that would help him to
use his knowledge efficiently.
"(Athletics) absolutely teaches you time
management, understanding your priorities,
finding a good balance in life with every-
thing -- family, work, free time, time with
your friends, traveling. It teaches you to work
hard; it teaches you to be part of a team and
it teaches you how to lead others as well."
p service to connect Bonnies old and new