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he temperature was a little cool for June, but
hearts were warmed as more than 900 alumni
and guests rekindled friendships during Re-
union Weekend 2017. Sentiments such as "It's so
good to be back" and "it's so good to see you again"
filtered through the air as alumni
embraced, laughed and
smiled all weekend. Two
highlights from the festivi-
ties -- alumni gave a warm
welcome to our new presi-
dent, Dr. Dennis DePerro
(top, center), who began his
duties as our 21
president June
1; and our three-hour Saturday evening
social was a winner! And yes, we will bring it back
again next year! Speaking of next year, Reunion 2018
will be held June 1-3.
Richard P. Kearns, '72 (center), was recognized Reunion
Weekend as the 2017 William P. "Stax" McCarthy Alumnus
of the Year for lifelong service and dedication. He is pic-
tured with his wife, Mo, and children Nora, Erin and Brian.
[ Class of 1982 ]
[ President's Welcome ]
Welcome home, Bonnies