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the certified public accounting and busi-
ness consulting firm in 2011.
5th Reunion ~ 2014
2009 -- Amanda M.
was promoted to
senior accountant at
Buffamante Whipple
Buttafaro, P.C. Sears, of
Cuba, joined the firm in
June 2009 as a staff ac-
countant. Mike Yanklowski, who
works on the Tax Exempt Central team at
The Bonadio Group's Syracuse office,
was promoted from in-charge to senior
2010 -- Colleen Ennis, who works on
the Tax Exempt Central team at The Bona-
dio Group's Rochester office, was pro-
moted to experienced
assistant. Justin M.
, of Olean, a staff
accountant with
Buffamante Whipple
Buttafaro, P.C., became li-
censed to practice as a
certified public account-
ant in New York state. Kevin Rhode of
Rochester is an in-charge
accountant for the Com-
mercial team within The
Bonadio Group. Rhode was
previously an experienced
assurance associate with
LLP. Erik Seeger, a certi-
fied public accountant, was promoted to
senior accountant in the tax department
at Lumsden McCormick. He is responsi-
ble for compliance and
tax planning services to
individuals and busi-
nesses. Seeger is a mem-
ber of the American
Institute of Certified Pub-
lic Accountants and the
New York State Society of
Certified Public Accountants. Jeremy J.
Smith of Olean, a staff
accountant with
Buffamante Whipple
Buttafaro, P.C., became li-
censed to practice as a
certified public account-
ant in New York state.
2012 -- Alicia D'Alessandro of
Niskayuna, N.Y., began a 10-month term
of service in the National Civilian Com-
munity Corps (NCCC), an AmeriCorps
program. D'Alessandro, based out of the
AmeriCorps regional campus in Sacra-
mento, Calif., was formally inducted into
the program on Nov. 8, 2012. Sara E.
joined Buffamante Whipple
Buttafaro, P.C., as a staff
accountant in the firm's
Jamestown office. Fla-
herty will be involved in
preparing financial state-
ments related to compila-
tions, reviews and audits,
as well as preparing tax
returns for a variety of individual and
business clients. Jessica Jenkins helped
guide her professional team, Keflavik of
the Icelandic Basket-
ball League, to a
Dominos League title
in April. Jenkins
earned Finals MVP for
the series. She also
was named League
Guard of the Year
and selected to the
All-Icelandic League First Team as well as
to the All-Imports Team. In her debut sea-
son, Jenkins averaged 17.8 points, (eighth
in the league). Courtney Spencer is an
assistant for the Health
Care/Tax-Exempt Team
within The Bonadio
Group. Spencer was previ-
ously an intern for the
group. She lives in Fair-
BonAlumnus Updates
David R. Warsocki
Edgar T. Conley
Richard E. Dempsey
William J. McCormack
William R. Tuyn
Thomas G. Cima
Douglas A. Powell
Philip M. Cahill
Judith A. (Slish) Leardini
Mary C. (MacDonald) O'Donnell
Kathleen L. (Sullivan) Pereles
Valerie Serra
Robert W. Askey
Patrick M. Blocher
Harry C. Leichtweis
Stephen F. Nagy
e've lost touch with a
number of alums and
need your help!
Of the many missing alumni, our
hope is to start finding lost alumni
who will be celebrating their re-
union in 2014. If you know the
whereabouts of the following alumni,
please let us know by visiting
Edwin A. O'Neill
Leora A. (Ammons) Zande
Peter V. Brophy
Robert M. Carlson
Deane A. Goltermann
Tracy M. Hall
Joseph G. Salamack
Brian J. Small
James V. Statler
Nicholas E. Urzetta
Cameron Elizabeth to
Rebecca and Jim Turp,
Benjamin John to Lynn
(MacNear), '90,
John Andrews, Jr., '90
Corwin Alexander to
Meaghan Panzer and
Michael Vitale, '92
Terence Stephen to
Ann Marie (O'Neill),
and Ian Mortimer,
Hadley Amelia to Lisa
(Amabile), '93, '95,
and Tom MacDonald
Charles Geoffery to
Jennifer and Geoffery
Klein, '95
Julia Lisa to Lisa and
Alan Melohusky, '95
Abigail Madeline to
Amy (Czworka), '97,
and Ryan McKenna,
Roman James to
Goretti (Vianney),
and Greg Benca,
Lauren Helena to
Michelle (Hoffstaet-
ter), '00,
and Thomas
Cullen, '00
Ellie Jane to Marissa
(DeAntonis), '00,
Craig Bernas
Cadhla to Kerri
(Markus), '01,
Robert Hamilton
Kellan Marco to Hilary
(Schuler), '01,
Chriss Cabodi
Lily Katherine to Eliza-
beth and Michael
Britt, '02
Caroline May to Cristin
(Chase), '02,
and John
Liam Mark to Stacie
(Enright), '02,
Jonathan Treahy, '00
Ava Lila to Nichole and
Nicholas LaBella, '02
Noah Walter to Eric and
Corinne Krist, D.O.,
Liam Padraic to Han-
nah (Keenan), '03,
and Jason Hopkins,
Thomas Graydon to
Tonia (Simons), '03,
and Gary Williams
Tyler Daniel to Stacy
(Monaghan), '03,
Jon Poliseo
Connor James to
Christina (Illig), '07,
and Richard Camp-
bell, '02
Olivia Yolanda to
Karyn Vacanti-Shova,
and Edward
Shova, '02
Ezekiel Edward to Jen-
nifer (LaBella), '04,
and Scott Wolf
Quinn Nicole to Eliza-
beth (Murphy), '04,
and Christopher Russin
Kylie Jean to Rebekah
and Justin Jones, '04
Bailey Marie and Briar
Elizabeth to Jessica
(Affronti), '05
, and
Derek Gentner
Maeve Irene to Shan-
non (Holfoth), '10,
and Charlie Specht,
Welcome, Baby Bonnies!