St. Bonaventure University

School of Business Faculty

  • amira-khalid
    Amira, Khaled
    Assistant Professor
    Office Phone: (716) 375-2173
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    210B Swan Business Center
  • bootheway-giles_web
    Bootheway, Giles
    Lecturer, Finance
    IMC Adjunct: Financial Tools for IMC and the International Economy.

    Phone: (716) 375-2147
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    210D, Swan Business Center
  • laurie-branch
    Branch, Laurie
    Adjunct Professor in School of Business
    Adjunct Professor in Integrated Marketing Communications (School of Communication)

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  • ed-bysiek_web-business
    Bysiek, Edward
    Adjunct, Accounting
    Phone: (716) 375-2203
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    204A, Swan Business Center
  • Carl Case
    Case, Carl J.
    Professor of Management (Business Information Systems)
    Director, China Studies program

    Phone: (716) 375-2202
    Fax: (716) 375-2191
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    Office: 108B, Swan Business Center
  • coate-joe_web
    Coate, C. Joseph
    Professor of Accounting
    Phone: (716) 375-2277
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    106C Swan Business Center
  • fischer-carol_web
    Fischer, Carol M.
    Professor Emeritus, Accounting
    Adjunct Instructor

    Office phone: (716) 375-2092
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    202C Swan Business Center
  • mike-fischer
    Fischer, Michael J.
    Professor of Accounting
    Phone: (716) 375-2186
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    204B Swan Business Center
  • adrienne-foos-web
    Foos, Adrienne E.
    Assistant Professor of Marketing
    Office phone: (716) 375-2097
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    104C Swan Business Center
  • gallagher-michael
    Gallagher, Michael
    Associate Professor, Finance
    Office Phone: (716) 375-2063
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    Swan Business Center 102C
  • Thomas Hare
    Hare, Thomas
    Assistant Professor of Business Law
    Office phone: (716) 375-2194
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    Swan Business Center 206D
  • muhammed-jahed
    Jahed, Mohammed A.
    Assistant Professor
    Office Phone: (716) 375-2198
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    210C Swan Business Center
  • Konrad Jamro
    Jamro, Konrad
    Associate Professor, Management
    Office phone: (716) 375-2092
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    Swan Business Center 206B
  • mike_kasperski_web
    Kasperski, Michael D.
    Chair, Department of Accounting
    Lecturer, Accounting

    Office Phone: (716) 375-2634
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    102B Swan Business Center
  • Darwin King
    King, Darwin
    Professor, Accounting
    Office Phone: (716) 375-2138
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    108D Swan Business Center
  • mahar-jim_web
    Mahar, James
    Associate Professor, Finance
    Coordinator, BonaResponds
    Member, Environmental Studies Council

    Office Phone: (716) 375-2359
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    104B, Swan Business Center
  • mccallister-brian_web
    McAllister, Brian C.
    Assistant Professor of Accounting
    Office Phone: (716) 375-2098
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    204C Swan Business Center
  • palmer-todd
    Palmer, Todd
    Associate Professor
    Department of Management Chair

    Office Phone: (716) 375-4037
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    100A, Swan Business Center
  • Benjamin Posmanick
    Posmanick, Benjamin
    Assistant Professor
    Office phone: (716) 375-2006
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    Swan Business Center 102D
  • ryan_kristen
    Ryan, Kristen
    Marketing Lecturer
    Phone: 716-375-2175
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    108A, Swan Business Center