Members of SBU Step present a Black History Showcase on campus.

St. Bonaventure University

Clubs & Organizations

Getting involved in a club or organization on campus is a great way to meet new people, enhance your college résumé and participate in an activity for which you have great passion. We offer more than 80 student-led clubs and organizations to keep you active and engaged.

Attend our annual Clubs & Organizations Fair

A Clubs and Organizations Fair is held on campus at the start of each new academic year. Representatives of clubs and organizations provide information about their activities and encourage like-minded students to join them.


Interested in joining?

To learn more about a club or organization, or about becoming a member, contact:

Jenna Keppel, Director
Assistant Director for Student Activities, Programming and Engagement
(716) 375-2294
Email Jenna

Academic Clubs

Opportunities for students to better themselves, their campus and the community as they pursue academic interests

  • The Arts

    Clubs and organizations that welcome students who wish to hone their talents in the visual and performing arts, and to share them in public presentations

  • Athletics & Recreation

    Opportunities to engage in and/or support athletic competition and sports events on campus

  • Honor Societies

  • Leadership

  • Media & Publications

  • Multicultural Clubs

    Multicultural clubs are open to all students regardless of race, sexual identity, gender or cultural background

  • Service & Advocacy

  • Spiritual Life