St. Bonaventure University

Report a Crime
Learn about MERT, our student EMS team

Office of Safety & Security

The Office of Safety & Security is located on the first floor of Doyle Hall in the heart of campus. We provide around-the-clock protection and assistance for the campus community.

Supervised by the associate dean for student safety, staff members enforce university policies as well as state and municipal laws in support of the academic mission of St. Bonaventure University.

Blue light and yellow emergency phones are located across campus. Mobility transports and safety escorts are available upon request. 

Crime prevention & reporting

We believe most crimes are preventable, so we stress crime prevention education and assist in the presentation of crime prevention training and the introduction of new crime prevention methods and programs. We strive to minimize or eliminate criminal opportunities while encouraging students and staff to be responsible for their own security and that of others.

  • Emergency preparedness

    The Omnilert campus notification System provides emergency alerts to students, employees and parents.

    The Omnilert system sends immediate campus emergency alerts to subscribers about any situation deemed a threat to the health or safety of students, their parents, and university employees. Omnilert subscriber portal.

    Emergency preparedness plan
    Student, staff and faculty may access the university's emergency preparedness plan by logging into the SBU intranet site,

  • Fire safety

    St. Bonaventure is committed to ensuring the safety of all individuals within the campus community.

    We employ our own New York state code compliance-certified and trained fire/life safety official, and fire/life safety training is an ongoing and continuing process within residence life.

  • Transportation & parking

    Owners and operators of motor vehicles on campus are subject to university rules, regulations and guidelines.

    Operation of a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege that may be granted or denied by the university.

    Specific guidelines for parking and traffic safety are outlined in a booklet that is available at the Office of Safety and Security in Doyle Hall. With the exception of police and other authorized vehicles, operation of a motor vehicle on campus is restricted to approved roadways only.

    This map displays the parking lots on campus and when students can park in their dedicated lots.


  • Join MERT, our student EMS Team

    Three Medical Emergency Response Team members assist a fallen student in a training drill

    The Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) is a student-run emergency medical services (EMS) agency of more than 40 members that is on call 24/7. Student volunteers are all New York state or nationally certified emergency medical technicians (EMT-B), or are training to earn the classification. 

    MERT serves the campus population as well as the surrounding community. Its members work with local organizations, volunteering for events held by Special Olympics and the Southern Tier Health Care System. 

    MERT is a great way to gain leadership and medical experience. 

    Interested in joining?

    We're always looking for new members and no prior experience is required. If you want to become part of the team, download our MERT application and contact us at

    In the event of a medical emergency, MERT can be reached (716) 375-2525.