St. Bonaventure University

Advisory Committee on Campus Safety

This committee is established to comply with New York Education Law 129-A, §6431. The committee is tasked to review current campus security policies and procedures and make recommendations for their improvement. The committee shall report, in writing, to the president or chief administrative officer its findings and recommendations at least once each academic year. The report is available upon request to the committee chair. The committee shall specifically review current policies and procedures for:

  1. educating the campus community, including security personnel and those persons who advise or supervise students, regarding sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking; bias and hate crimes;
  2. educating the campus community about personal safety and crime prevention;
  3. reporting sexual assaults, domestic violence, stalking, and hate crimes, and assisting victims during investigations;
  4. referring complaints to appropriate authorities;
  5. counseling victims; and
  6. responding to inquiries from concerned persons. 

2023-2024 Advisory Committee Membership

  • Chair, Gary Segrue, associate dean for Campus Safety
  • Dr. Paula Scraba, associate professor of Physical Education (faculty)
  • Dr. Robin Valeri, professor of Psychology (faculty)
  • Jared Smith, director of Facilities Operations (appointed staff)
  • Adriane Spencer, executive director, Student Success Center (appointed staff)
  • Tessa Fabiniak, '25 (student)
  • Aiden Marques, '26 (student) 
Concerns regarding campus security policies and procedures can be directed to the Advisory Committee Chair, Gary Segrue.