St. Bonaventure University

Motor Vehicle Rules & Regulations

The operation of a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege granted for the convenience of the individual. The university is not responsible for your vehicle or its contents while it is on campus, including any damage resulting from moving or towing of a vehicle in violation of parking or traffic regulations.

Parking decal or permit required for all

Ignorance of traffic regulations is not an excuse for improper parking or other offenses.

A current student or employee parking decal is required in order to park on campus. Students must register their vehicles online within 24 hours of academic registration. Students may acquire a temporary permit, good for no more than 3 days at a time and for no more than 30 days per academic year.

Visitors to campus must obtain a temporary parking permit in the Office of Safety & Security, 122 Robinson Hall, which is open 24 hours a day year round. Proof of vehicle registration is required.

  • Employees hosting guests on campus may contact Safety & Security at in advance to make arrangements.
  • Students hosting guests are to accompany their guests to the Office of Safety & Security and have their SBU ID. Students are responsible for any tickets issued to guests' vehicles.

A handicap parking pass is available to those with a disability that impairs mobility. The person's vehicle must first be registered with Safety and Security. A student or employee in need of a handicap parking accommodation should report to the Center for Student Wellness with a physician’s recommendation indicating the diagnosis and length of time the accommodation will be needed. Upon approval of the director of Health Services, a parking pass will be issued.

NOTE: A permit does not guarantee a parking space in a particular location, but there is sufficient parking space on campus to accommodate all permit holders and registered visitors.

Where to park

Parking is allowed in clearly marked parking spaces in parking lots and along roadways on campus. Drivers are to pay attention to signs, traffic cones and barriers that prohibit or limit parking, such as those designating loading/unloading areas or marked as handicapped parking only.

This map displays the parking lots on campus and when students can park in their dedicated lots.