St. Bonaventure University

Campus Safety & Crime Prevention

General safety guidelines

  • be considerate of all members of our community and campus wildlife (deer and squirrels are frequent visitors)
  • children are to be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • hunting and trapping are strictly prohibited
  • St. Bonaventure University complies with all federal, state and local laws. All violations are referred to the appropriate police agency.

Walking, running, hiking, biking and skating

  • no matter what your favorite exercise regimen or pastime, use the buddy system and keep to well-lighted areas
  • wear light-colored and/or reflective clothing after dark
  • on campus roadways, walkers should face oncoming traffic, bikers should ride with it
  • emergency blue light telephones and call boxes are located at the west end, center and east end of campus
  • bikes should be registered with the Office of Safety and Security
  • Use appropriate safety gear (helmets, knee/elbow pads, lights, etc.) when biking, inline skating and skateboarding.
  • unsafe or dangerous practices (excessive speed, jumping stairs, etc.) are prohibited

Using the Allegheny River Valley Trail

This 6.2-mile asphalt hiking and biking trail, very popular among Olean-area residents, runs along the Allegheny River behind campus, extends into the city of Olean, and includes sections that travel across campus. The trail is closed from dusk to dawn.
  • travel with a companion, as some parts of the trail are very remote
  • stay on the trail surface
  • if a frequent user, vary your routine or pattern
  • use extreme caution where the trail intersects with campus and municipal roadways
  • report anything unusual to the appropriate authorities
  • if accessing the trail from campus, park only in authorized areas

Prohibited items

Objects or substances designed to injure or incapacitate, such as knives (other than kitchen utensils), billies, martial arts weapons, mace, tear gas, etc., are prohibited on campus. Also prohibited are instruments capable of firing a projectile (firearms, BB guns, paintball guns, etc.) as well as explosive chemicals and devices including fireworks. Any item prohibited by law is banned from campus.

Crime Prevention

The Department of Safety and Security strives to educate the campus community on how to avoid being a victim of personal or property crime. We attend meetings and workshops to provide instruction and training on new crime prevention methods and projects.

Our prevention efforts are based on the dual concepts of eliminating or minimizing criminal opportunities and encouraging students and employees to be responsible for the security of themselves and others.