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About the Jandoli School

The Jandoli School of Communication is committed to continuing the tradition established more than 70 years ago by the late Dr. Russell J. Jandoli, who taught generations of aspiring journalists the tenets of good writing and instilled respect and admiration for the practice of journalism.

Jandoli worked as a reporter for Time magazine and served as editor of publications at the War Department in Washington, D.C. He founded the Department of Journalism at St. Bonaventure in 1949 and ran it for 34 years. The program was elevated to school status and named for its founder in 1995.

  • Innovation: The Jandoli School's digital magazine

    Cover of the spring 2020 issue of InnovationOur digital magazine, published each semester, keeps readers informed of the latest happenings in the Jandoli School as well as the activities and accomplishments of our students, professors and alumni.

    OUR LATEST EDITION of Innovation, published in spring of 2020, is devoted largely to how students, faculty and alumni are handling the COVID-19 pandemic, and the key role that communication is playing in helping people cope with isolation and separation.

    Also in this edition:
    • Natalie Forster honored as the 2020 Woman of Promise
    • Jeffrey Uveino and Layne Dowdall named News21 Fellows
    • Class of 2020 award winners announced

  • Jandoli School awards and special events

    Jandoli School Dean Aaron Chimbel with 2019 Hellinger winner Michael Clare NelsonEach year, the Jandoli School bestows prestigious awards on achieving students in its graduating class.

    They include the Mark Hellinger Award, which is presented to the top students — a winner and runner-up — in the school's graduating class.

    The school also hosts a number of events that bring some of the nation's top communicators to campus for discussions and presentations.

    In the photo: Jandoli School Dean Aaron Chimbel presents the 2019 Hellinger Award to Michael Clare Nelson.

  • Institute probes the intersection of media & democracy

    Dr. Russell J. JandoliThe Jandoli Institute was created in 2019 to explore today’s media landscape through research studies, op-ed articles, social media, speaking engagements, commentary, analysis and other platforms.

    “A healthy democracy requires a healthy media, so it is important to identify and explore ways to ensure that the media continues to play a constructive role in our nation’s democracy," said Dr. Richard Lee, associate professor of communication and the institute’s executive director.

    The institute is named for the late Dr. Russell J. Jandoli (pictured), who founded the Department of Journalism at St. Bonaventure in 1949.

    The Jandoli Institute