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New book by Mackowski keys on overlooked sector of Gettysburg battlefield

Oct 05, 2023

Most attention at the Civil War battle of Gettysburg focuses on iconic landscapes like Little Round Top, Devil’s Den, the Wheatfield, and the open fields where Pickett’s Charge took place.

A new book co-authored by Dr. Chris Mackowski, professor of journalism and mass communication, looks at a lesser-known but just as pivotal sector of the battlefield.

“Stay and Fight It Out: The Second Day at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863 — Culp’s Hill and the North End of the Battlefield” is co-authored by Mackowski’s longtime collaborator Kristopher D. White and published by Savas Beatie, LLC. It is the 50th book in the Emerging Civil War Series and the third in a series of Gettysburg books written by Mackowski and White.

“The action on the north end of the field gets overlooked by a lot of people — even Civil War buffs — because it’s not as famous," Mackowski said. "The book’s title comes from a statement made by a Union general after fighting wrapped up on July 2, one of the bloodiest days of the Civil War. Union officers met to decide whether to withdraw to a better location or continue the battle where they were. Maj. Gen. Henry Slocum of New York, posted on the north end of the battlefield, said they should 'stay and fight it out.'”

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