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Mackowski makes invited presentations over the summer

Sep 07, 2023

Dr. Chris Mackowski, professor of journalism and mass communication, made several invited presentations over the summer.

On July 13, he presented at the American Battlefield Trust’s annual National Teacher Institute. His talk, “An Intro to the O.R.s: The Official Records of the War of the Rebellion,” offered an overview of one of the most important research tools for Civil War historians and some of the challenges they pose.

On July 23, he served as the keynote speaker for the Remembrance Day commemoration at Ulysses S. Grant Cottage National Historic Landmark in Wilton, New York, the site where President Grant died on July 23, 1885. Mackowski spoke on “Moments of Contingency in the Rise of Grant.”

On July 24, he presented a workshop at the American Battlefield Trust’s Virtual Teacher Institute: “Abraham Lincoln as a Writer.” 

On August 25, he served as the keynote speaker for the Civil War Roundtable Congress’s national conference, held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Mackowski spoke on “Stonewall Jackson at Gettysburg: The Civil War’s Most Popular ‘What If?’”