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Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad programs are affordable, most do not require foreign language proficiency, and they will not interfere with your graduation track.

Why should I study abroad?

There are many advantages to including a study abroad program as part of your academic experience at St. Bonaventure University.

SBU student sitting with the leaning Tower of Pisa in the backgroundAs a study abroad student, you will:
  • Develop a global mindset.
  • Adapt and feel completely at home in a new country.
  • Open your eyes to new perspectives and ways of thinking while immersed in a different culture.
  • Discover new cultures with the language, food, art, history, architecture and customs of the various countries our programs travel to.
  • Hone language skills. Enhance your proficiency in, and practical application of, another language with native speakers.
  • Develop a whole new concept of self-reliance, strengthening your adaptability.
  • Increase your confidence, personal responsibility and independence.
  • Enhance your career opportunities and marketability in your career field. Our trips look great on a resumé. 
What's more, choosing to study abroad does not mean you have to postpone your graduation date. You will receive guidance to ensure that your graduation track is not interrupted.

Additionally, most programs teach in English, so proficiency in a second language is not required. You'll also get help finding a program that fits your budget.

Once in a lifetime

My time in Prague in the Czech Republic was a whirlwind. It still feels surreal. I gained knowledge that the U.S. could never teach me, and memories to last a lifetime.

Student Testimonials

Semester programs abroad

St. Bonaventure University partners with CEA and API Abroad, which are the study abroad industry leaders, to find a semester-based destination and academic program that best serves you.

CEA offers our students semester-based study abroad programs in 15 countries, such as France, Germany, Ireland, and Costa Rica.

API Abroad offers study abroad experiences in more than 22 countries including Australia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Portugal, and Scotland, as well as in 50 cities globally.

Students can choose to study abroad during their J-Term (January), by semester, May-Mester, Summer, or through a year-long experience, if they desire. Both offer internship opportunities as well.

Programs are designed to present a holistic learning experience, because your time out of the classroom or workplace matters as much as your time in it.

Student with arms outstretched overlooking a valley in Europe

Summer programs abroad

A summer program gives you the same opportunity to earn academic credit while seeing the world as our semester-based programs.

Six study abroad opportunities, highlighted below, are organized and conducted by faculty and staff at St. Bonaventure University..

How to apply to study abroad

Before applying for a study abroad program, make an appointment with Jonathan Mascaut, associate director of International Student Services and Study Abroad. Email Jonathan Mascaut.

Identify a program that best fits your academic needs and your schedule. Consider the program costs and your budget, and make an appointment with the Office of Financial Aid to explore any aid for which you are eligible.

After finding a program and determining its affordability: