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2021 Oxford Program Canceled

Complications in Britain in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic have made it necessary to cancel the summer of 2021 Oxford program. We regret this turn of events, but fully expect the program will return in 2022. 

Francis E. Kelley Oxford Program

Remember the world? It’s the place outside lockdowns and quarantines and social distancing. The real world will be back next summer, and you have a chance to plunge back into it – big time.

Four students standing in front of StonehengeIt's a chance to fly across an ocean; to walk the streets of a new land, hand in hand with your friends; to sit in a classroom or a famous theater without worry; to crowd into a jammed underground train on the way to Buckingham Palace.

That’s what next summer can be like for you.
St. Bonaventure’s Oxford Program is not just a student trip to England. It is the experience of actually living in England. Experiencing the life of a student at Oxford, the most famous university on earth. Experiencing moments that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It is the ultimate Bonaventure experience.

The six-week summer program at world-famous Oxford University is one of St. Bonaventure’s most prestigious and certainly most popular study abroad programs. 

Students who have taken advantage of the Oxford program over the last 33 years often say it was the greatest experience of their years at St. Bonaventure, both academically and as an adventure. If you know someone who has been to Oxford, just ask them.

And ask the grads you know how the word “Oxford” looks on their resumes.

In 2022, the Oxford Bonnies will live at Trinity College from the beginning of July through the middle of August. Trinity is right in the center of the city, close to libraries, laboratories, lecture halls, shops, dozens of great restaurants and pubs — all the fun and excitement the ancient yet dynamic city has to offer. 

Rewarding courses & lots of time to explore

Courses in 2022 will include several required courses from the St. Bonaventure curriculum. For example, one of the most popular classes at Oxford is the science course, taught by an internationally famous infectious disease experts who was one of the lead scientists on the development of the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine. (Thanks, Dr. Ritchie.)

A student at the studio where "Harry Potter" was filmedStudents actually describe his course as one of the most enjoyable classes at Oxford. It, like all the classes at Oxford, is academically rigorous, which is a subtle way of saying they’re tough. You’ll have to work and work hard – but the professors are all great teachers and students almost always love their classes.

Students usually take two classes, taught by a mix of St. Bonaventure and Oxford professors. Grades and credits are recorded just like any other classes.

A typical schedule includes four days each week in classes and “learning communities,” with three-day weekends reserved for exploring and enjoying English life.

The program includes trips to London, Stonehenge, the beautiful and ancient city of Bath, and even the studio where Harry Potter was filmed. (It’s spectacular!) 

The schedule includes a four-day free weekend for optional travel to other places, perhaps Paris, perhaps Dublin, perhaps Prague or wherever you choose to wander. 
  • Tourists and locals at London Bridge

    Living and studying at Oxford

    You'll live in a staircase, eat your full in the morning, rely on and love your scout, sit at the High Table. and learn from your tutor.

    It's all part of the wonder and excitement of the Oxford experience. Visit our Oxford Life page for detailed information about living and learning at Oxford, from accommodations and dining to walkabouts, travel and pub life.