Beijing, with a history going back 3 millennia, is known as much for modern architecture as its ancient sites.

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Program set to resume in May 2024

Due to continuing COVID-19 outbreaks in China and the nation's travel restrictions, the China Studies Program will not take place this year. The next program is tentatively scheduled for May 13-28, 2024. Return to this site periodically for updates.

China Studies Program

This unique and intense two-week summer course takes students on a great adventure, a journey to mainland China for the learning experience of a lifetime.

China Studies students outside an ancient pagodaThe China Studies program includes a two-week journey to China and completion of a 3-credit undergraduate and graduate course.* 

The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students and others, including alumni, spouses and friends.

You will land in Shanghai, the Paris of the East, and spend four days in this remarkable city.

Next, you will spend two days in Xi’an, home of the 2,300-year-old Terra Cotta Warriors, described by National Geographic magazine as the 8th wonder of the world. 

Finally, you will stay at the Friendship Hotel in Beijing, located next to the Beijing Institute of Technology, for eight days. You will learn about Chinese culture, language, history, business operations, and management style and will be briefed by the managers of companies such as:
  • Moog (of East Aurora)
  • PriceWaterhouse Coopers
  • OCBC Bank in Shanghai
  • Messe-Frankfurt
  • Devries Global PR Firm
  • China Daily
  • Commercial Attache – U.S. Embassy
  • Shanghai National Exposition and Convention Center

Ready for adventure?

This is an unforgettable trip filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences, with visits to the international financial hub Shanghai, aka Paris of the East, and to the megacity Beijing, the nation's cultural, educational and political center.

Briefings, lectures, visits and more 

This two-week experience is filled with every opportunity to discover China.

"This truly is an unforgettable journey and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," said Dr. Carl Case, professor of management at St. Bonaventure and China Studies director. "You not only experience China's rich culture and history, but you see as well its significant role in shaping international business."

Students on a visit to the Terracotta Army excavation site in Shaanxi, ChinaThere are 36 hours of briefings and lectures in which you may ask questions to learn more about the nation, its people, and what it offers as a market.

In addition, there will be cultural visits to the new Pudong area of Shanghai and to many historical sites in Beijing such as the Great Wall, Ti’ananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, and the Temple of Heaven. 

Participants will visit Beijing, the nation's sprawling capital and one of the most populous cities in the world, as well as Shanghai, known as the Paris of the East.

Note that all presentations are in English so no knowledge of the Chinese language is required. 

Program dates, accommodations, cost and payments

As noted at the top of this page, there is no China Studies program for 2023. The next scheduled program is tentatively set for May 13-28, 2024.

Detailed information on applying for the program, costs, accommodations (in Western-style fine hotels), payment schedules and deadlines will be available on this page as that information becomes available.

Please return to this site periodically for updates.