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three children. She has been living in Michi-
gan for about 26 years and still loves to work
with kids and is active in her church.
1982 -- Anne Sweeney Holliday
the 2015 Outstanding Radio Public Affairs
Program award from the Pennsylvania Associ-
ation of Broadcasters for her program "Live-
Line: Reflections on Vietnam." Bishop Richard
J. Malone of Buffalo has appointed
as his representative on the New
York State Catholic Conference Public Policy
Committee. Keenan is a founding partner and
president/CEO of Keenan Communications
Group in Buffalo. He is former director of
communications for the Diocese of Buffalo.
1983 -- Daniel Kerr
earned a Ph.D. in biol-
ogy from the City University of New York
Graduate Center. The title of his thesis was
"The function of the phospholipid flippase
Atp8a1 in neurotransmission, brain develop-
ment, and autistic behavior."
1986 -- Lois Bulger
retired as children's li-
brarian at David A. Howe Public Library in
Wellsville after 25 years.
1987 -- Cathy Wilde
is the
communications director for
the University at Buffalo Re-
search Institute on Addic-
1988 -- John Berger
inducted into the St. Joseph's Collegiate In-
stitute Signum Fidei Society, the school's
most prestigious honor. Signum Fidei (sign
of faith) is the characteristic spirit of the
Christian Brothers, that attitude of faith that
expresses itself in love and zeal for the wel-
fare of others. A member of the Signum
Fidei Society is an alumnus of St. Joseph's
who has distinguished himself in his profes-
sional career and community activities.
Berger holds volunteer positions on the
board of directors and committees for vari-
ous Western New York organizations, in-
cluding the St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute
Advancement Committee. In 2014, Berger
and his wife, Suzanne, served as chairs of
the Lasallian "Bright Futures" Dinner and
Christopher Rose
is a vice presi-
dent investment officer within the Trust De-
partment at Adirondack Trust Company. He
joined the company in June 2014 and is re-
sponsible for the portfolio management of
various personal trusts, investment manage-
ment, employee benefit and institutional ac-
counts. Rose has more than 25 years of
investment management experience.
1989 -- Lisa (Romano) Moore
was ap-
pointed vice president of development and
executive director of the Onondaga Com-
munity College Foundation.
1991 -- Derek Champagne
was appointed
co-chairman of the state Permanent Com-
mission on Sentencing. Champagne, who
had served as vice chairman of the commis-
sion, will now head the organization with
Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.
The commission was established in 2010 to
evaluate New York's sentencing laws and
practices and to make recommendations to
improve them. In November, Champagne
was elected to the Franklin County Family
Court judgeship. He also serves as co-coun-
sel for the State Law Enforcement Council, a
member of Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman's
Advisory Committee on Criminal Procedure
and Criminal Law, and on the Executive
Committee of the New York State Bar's
Criminal Law Subcommittee. He was a
member of the Moreland Commission,
which New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo cre-
ated to investigate corruption in state gov-
ernment but disbanded to widespread
criticism. He is also a board member and for-
mer president of the District Attorneys Asso-
ciation of the State of New York, which in
2013 named him Prosecutor of the Year.
David Schroeder
participated in a Men's
Senior Baseball League (MSBL) World Series
Tournament in Scottsdale, Ariz., in Novem-
ber 2014. The
team was
made up of 14
all-star players
that partici-
pated in hard-
ball during the
months in
Chicago, Ill. The tournament was a six-game
series played on spring training facilities of the
MSBL. The Chicago team placed eighth out of
32 teams from across the U.S. Schroeder lives
in Lake Forest, Ill., with his wife, Stacy, and
two children. He is the national sales manager
of SCM Corporation.
1992 -- Brian Fitzsimmons
is a product
development manager at Homebridge Fi-
nancial Services in Iselin, N.J. He lives in Mid-
dletown, N.J., with his wife, Kathy, and
three daughters, and is looking forward to
his 25-year reunion in 2017.
(Kayal) Speck
has published her first chil-
dren's book, "Only Three."
1993 -- Ana Bonilla-Galdamez
named National Social Worker of the Year
by the National Association of Social Work-
ers (NASW). Her implementation of after-
school programs for ELL students at the
Minnie Howard campus of T.C. Williams
High School and at Charles Barrett Elemen-
tary School in Alexandria, Va., as well as her
involvement in mentoring students and ex-
posing them to career opportunities, have
made a huge impact on Alexandria's strug-
gling youth.
Kathleen Cole Hardiman
now a licensed clinical social worker. She
works full time as a mental health therapist
for Catholic Charities and part time as an in-
home community integration counselor for
Venture Forth, a traumatic
brain injury program. In De-
cember of 2012, Hardiman
completed training provided
by the Child Trauma Insti-
tute for Progressive Count-
ing, a research-based
treatment proven effective
for PTSD and trauma resolution. In addition
to therapy, she co-facilitates a weekly do-
mestic violence support group and facilitates
Our Kids Parent Education Groups for par-
ents who are divorced or separating in Alle-
gany and Cattaraugus counties. She
provides private trauma resolution. Hardi-
man was recognized for her service and ad-
Class Notes
Former roommates
and members of the
Class of 1990 met in
Nashville, Tenn., in
March. Pictured are
Collen McCarthy O'H-
ern, Terri DeClerck
Ohlweiler, Sheryl Ku-
jovich Green,
Michelle Phelps Ram-
sey, Amy Allan Duff,
Leslie Butterfield Fry,
and Jennifer Royce
Former roommates get together in Nashville