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working with the materially poor
and in homeless shelters, street
evangelizing or providing side-
walk counseling to pregnant
women in need.
A gerontology major who mi-
nored in theology at St. Bonaven-
ture, Henry said the Franciscan
spirituality at the university in-
spired her "to gaze at the hu-
manity of Jesus in each person."
Among the numerous ways of
serving Jesus, she felt called to be
involved with ministry after col-
"The volunteer work and cam-
pus ministry at Bona's taught me
the distinctive link between each
person and the need for each of
us to be the image of love to one
another," she said.
On campus, Henry was active
as a Mt. Irenaeus community
leader, a peer coach, and was in-
volved with poetry slams and
Kingdom Quest.
Henry entered LAMP after a
year with the Franciscan Volun-
teer Ministry.
"I joined LAMP Ministries be-
cause I was experiencing a call to
deepen my prayer life while serv-
ing the poor. I wanted to develop
my relationship with Jesus in a
stronger way and to remember
that everything I do is really for
the glory of God," she said.
LAMP Ministries stood out to
her because its mission is evange-
"Serving the poor is usually re-
flected through providing mate-
rial needs, so I was struck that
there was a mission directly
linked to spiritual support," ex-
plained Henry.
LAMP, she said, emphasizes
being "with" the poor (LAMP
stands for Lay Apostolic Min-
istries with the Poor).
"We do not divide ourselves
from the ones we serve, but we
seek to be with them in their suf-
fering and struggles in the light
of compassion," she said. "I can
envision St. Francis when I am in
ministry because he lived a life
seeking to be poor and to be
with the poor. Although LAMP
missionaries do not take a vow of
poverty, we live in simplicity.
Seeking to be with the poor as
Eventually becoming a Rear Admiral in
the Navy and Chief of Chaplains for the
Navy, Marines and Coast Guard, Fr.
Iasiello served on many ships until his re-
tirement in 2006.
"I spent most of my time making sure
our people were served well overseas --
unfortunately during a time of war," he
said. "It was an honor to serve the men
and women in uniform."
Later, Fr. Iasiello became president of
the Washington Theological Union and
was called to co-chair the Defense Task
Force on Sexual Assault in the Military
Services for two years.
Fr. Iasiello has been at The Josephinum
for five years. He directs hundreds of
seminarians on their paths to priesthood.
Fr. Iasiello teaches courses on the history
of the church in the United States and
just war theory and works closely with
deacons in their transition to priesthood,
among other tasks.
"We bring a lot to the formation of
seminarians. We hope we are of assis-
tance to their direct pastoral assignments
in parishes," he said. "This is really spe-
cial apostolic work, especially after the
crises in the past decades. I feel really
humbled and privileged to assist them."
(Inman is assistant director of print and
electronic publications at the university).
Alexandra Henry, '13, has entered a mis-
sionary group called LAMP Catholic Min-
istries in New York City and describes her
experience with LAMP as "truly life-giving."
LAMP's missionaries focus on evangeliza-
tion and sharing God's love and mercy with
everyone they encounter -- whether it's
we partake in ministry, we share unity to-
gether and are able to recognize that we
are mirrors for each other."
By Julia Andretta
Courtney (Murphy) Hull has served as
campus minister for Mansfield University in
Mansfield, Pa., since 2001, and there's no
place she'd rather be.
"I am so blessed to be able to work with
optimistic, enthusiastic, loving, selfless
young men and women," she said. "They
amaze me every day."
Hull's involvement in ministry started
when she was an undergrad at St.
Bonaventure majoring in biology and the-
"I was never really involved in any faith-
related groups until I went to SBU," she
said. "Another alumna (who is still one of
my best friends to this day) dragged me
to the Warming House because she said it
would be fun. We were less than a month
into school at that time, and for the next
four years I served as a student coordina-
tor, van driver, and a summer intern at the
Warming House. Most things that campus
ministry did, I was a part of for those four
While her time at Bonaventure certainly
influenced her pursuit of her vocation, it
wasn't until afterwards, while she was a
full-time volunteer at the St. Francis Inn
soup kitchen in Philadelphia, Pa., that Hull
realized campus ministry was something
she wanted to stay involved in. She
wanted to continue doing service work
and sharing her faith, but she missed the
college atmosphere. She eventually real-
ized that there was a way that she could
have all of this: by becoming a certified
campus minister.
:: Courtney (Murphy) Hull
Classes of 1999, 2008
:: Alexandra Henry
Class of 2013
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