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1962 -- Bob McCully
was named Maine
High School Tennis Coach of the Year for
2014. His undefeated team won the Class A
title. He was also recognized by the Ameri-
can Red Cross as a 30-gallon blood donor.
1965 -- John Duffy
has left
corporate America to design
and build software for investing
in the stock market based on
trend following, a technical
analysis strategy. Duffy launched with his
wife, Sharon, in 2012. Duffy also joined a
Chicago startup community called 1871 as
well as The Bunker, an incubator for veteran
1971 -- Kevin Lester
was elected to the
Buffalo Baseball Hall of Fame and was for-
mally inducted July 17. Lester has been a
part of the Buffalo Bisons organization every
season since 1982. He wore the uniform as
a bullpen catcher during the 1982 and 1985
seasons and at various times from 1988 to
1992. He also started many of the Bisons'
youth baseball initiatives, being named
youth baseball coordinator in 1985 and run-
ning various camps and clinics from 1986 to
2003, including the team's Pitch Hit 'n' Run
competition. In 1986, he also began his role
as one of the team's official scorers, a posi-
tion he still holds today as a representative
of the International League. His career in-
cludes being the Bisons' bat boy in 1966,
playing a small role in the movie "The Natu-
Class Notes
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Maj. Gen. Norbert Rappl, '52, congratu-
lates Walter Horylev, '51, after Horylev re-
turned from an Honor Flight originating
in Rochester, N.Y.
Dear fellow alumni and friends,
During Commencement weekend, I had
the honor to induct our 2015 graduates
into the St. Bonaventure University Alumni
Association. During the Candlelight Cere-
mony, we welcomed 467 new alumni.
They join our 28,274 living alumni, who
live in 50 states and the District of Colum-
bia. Our alumni also live in 55 foreign
counties around the world. Truly, the sun
never sets on the Bonnies! We are a vi-
brant, global association dedicated to pro-
moting and supporting our alma mater. I
again congratulate all of our 2015 gradu-
ates and wish them much success.
As my time as president comes to a close, I
would like to share some of our accom-
plishments and thank the people who
helped make them possible. Over the past
two years, the NAAB has worked hard to
strengthen the ties between alumni and
the university. To highlight a few, we:
Strengthened our partnership with
the enrollment team to help enhance
the recruitment process. This has
helped to increase the university's visi-
bility and brand in the communities
where our alumni live and work.
Continued to collaborate with the
Career and Professional Readiness
Center (CPRC) to engage alumni
across all fields to create mentoring,
interning, and job placement oppor-
Developed and implemented en-
hanced alumni events designed to at-
tract alumni from across all
demographic groups.
Continued to implement our strategic
plan, which focuses on development,
Franciscanism, communication, and
chapter relations.
Enhanced NAAB operations, includ-
ing the adoption of updated bylaws,
streamlined logistics and increased
While much has been accomplished, there
is still more to do, including:
Expanding affinity programs to pro-
vide alumni with discounts on addi-
tional services and products.
Identifying methods to more actively
engage our global alumni population.
Continuing to enhance alumni experi-
ences both on and off campus.
Ensuring that the diversity of all our
alumni is respected.
I want to recognize two very special
groups. First, I would like to acknowledge
our outstanding Alumni Services team.
They are the professionals who dedicate
tireless hours and resources to our alumni:
Mary Driscoll, '79, former Vice Presi-
dent for University Advancement
Monica Mattioli, '77, Interim VP for
Advancement and Executive Director
of Alumni Operations
Joe Flanagan,'74, Director of Alumni
Lucia Scotty, Coordinator of Electronic
Kathleen M. Ryan,'83, Assistant Di-
rector of Development for Steward-
Second, I would like to acknowledge all of
our National Alumni Association Board
members. They share their talents, time
and love for the university. They are the
best. Leading them was an outstanding
team of officers: First Vice President Kristan
McMahon, '97; Second Vice President An-
drew Mantilia, '08, '09; and Secretary
Maureen Butler Maier, '78.
I could not have had a finer team of dedi-
cated individuals with whom to work.
Thank you. At our April meeting, the
board elected new leaders for the 2015-
2017 term: President Kristan McMahon,
'97; First Vice President Art Roberts, '68;
Second Vice President William Bliek, '01;
and Secretary Kelly Cobb, '10, '11.
Please join me in congratulating them on
their new roles. I know that their energy,
enthusiasm and dedication will allow them
to continue to provide outstanding sup-
port and service to you.
A final note: My personal thanks to all of
you -- our alumni. You are the best peo-
ple in the world. Once a Bonnie, always a
Robert P. Kane, '78
Message from the 2013-2015 National Alumni Association Board President
New Beginnings
New Alumni and New Officers