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Master's (MSEd) birth to grade 12 literacy

This Master's in Literacy degree program, offered 100% online, is designed for certified teachers who wish to acquire a master’s degree to teach birth to Grade 12 as a literacy coach, reading teacher, or literacy specialist.

Earn a full degree in 12 months: 36 credit hours, online classes with an in-person or online summer practicum.

Our Literacy Birth to Grade 12 program leads to a Master of Science in Education (MSED) Literacy Education Birth to Grade 12 degree and a recommendation for dual certification in Literacy Education: Birth to Grade 6 AND Secondary Grades 5-12. This equips you with the skills needed to teach as, for example, a reading specialist, a literary coach, or as a K-12 literacy certified classroom teacher.

The heart of the program content includes professional field experience, learning to assess and diagnosis reading abilities followed by the SBURC practicum, and opportunities to provide coaching professional development by and for peers and parents alike.

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Program overview, description and purpose

SBU B-12 Literacy Completion Timeline

Complete this program in 12 months

This 12-month, 36-credit-hour, online graduate program in literacy includes methods and theory knowledge, learning how to teach reading and reading assessment courses, 100 hours of an online practicum experience in a short 7-week summer experience while K-12 school is not in session, perfect for the working teacher, and culminating in an online, take-home comprehensive assessment with collective e-folio that is built in steps with guidance over the course of the program.

Working full time and need more time? 

For students who need a lighter course load we also offer a two year completion timeline. Program director, Sheri Voss, can assist students with a step-by-step plan to graduation.

Inspiration & Opportunity

Two recent Birth to Grade 12 Literacy graduates share how the program served as a gateway to success in their teaching careers.

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SBU Reading Center practicum experience

One value of this online graduate level program in literacy is the ability to learn from anywhere with individualized mentoring from a dedicated group of experienced teacher educators.

A hallmark feature of this program is the St Bonaventure University Reading Center (SBURC) Practicum experience. It covers K-12 grade ranges ensuring that teachers get practical experience across grade levels to take with them into their careers.

The SBURC is a highly sought after offering for local parents of the SBU area where students are paired in a unique 1:1 partnership with a NYS literacy certified graduate teacher candidate. 

Candidates are invited to the SBU campus to complete this final step in their program, but arrangements may be made for candidates to complete the practicum virtually.

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