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Graduate Tuition and Financial Aid

A St. Bonaventure University advanced degree can provide greater job security and career portability, along with the personal growth and expanded network that typically result from the graduate school experience. With alumni active all around the world, you can be confident that your SBU master's degree or advanced certificate will open doors for you anywhere. We encourage you to explore the Scholarships and Aid web pages to identify those financial aid opportunities for which you may be eligible.

Graduate Tuition & Fees 2021-22

This chart applies to current students and those starting graduate study in the 2021-2022 academic year. It shows the regular tuition rate and the rate for students receiving the Dean's Grant (15% reduction), the Buffalo Schools or AmeriCorps grants (20% reduction), or Franciscan Mission Grant (30% reduction). This does not include the newly-implemented $45 per credit hour comprehensive fee for on-campus students, to cover technology, academic and student support services.  Book costs are also not included. Actual billing may differ slightly due to rounding up or down of partial dollars. Grants may not be combined, and are applied to tuition only.

Total Program Tuition Cost 
(credits, programs)

Standard Rate

Dean's Grant

 Buffalo Schools &
AmeriCorps Grants (20%)

Missions Grant


School District Leader (12 credits)





Advanced Certifications (12 credits)





School Building Leader (24 credits)





Special Ed., Adolescence Ed., Ed. Leadership, MBA (30 credits)





Literacy (36 credits)

$28,764 $24,450.60 $23,011.20 $20,134.80

MBA (42 credits)





Tuition, Room and Meal Plans for Summer 2021 - Spring 2022 (Olean Campus)

Graduate tuition per credit hour: $799.00*
Comprehensive fee (for technology, academic and student support) per credit hour:  $45.00
Room (single - average): $8,610.00
Meal plan (average): $6,310.00 (optional)
Audit (per course): $799.00 See the course catalog for additional information.

*MSL and Communications tuition per credit hour: $785.00

  • Tuition fees are typically established by university trustees in April for the following academic year.
  • As a residential graduate student, you are not compelled to be on the university meal plan, and may save money by preparing or purchasing your meals on your own.
  • As you compare the cost of the grad programs you are considering, be sure to add in the mandatory semester-based and per hour fees (e.g. technology fee) that many schools charge in addition to tuition. You'll find that St. Bonaventure compares very favorably with other private institutions and may be closer to public college costs than you think.
  • Similarly, be sure to examine the length of the programs you are considering. Several of SBU's education degrees require 30 hours, compared with 33-39 for other WNY colleges. SBU's shorter programs can cost you less and allow you to enjoy the benefits of a master's degree sooner.
  • Be sure, too, to check out SBU's graduate financial aid opportunities.
  • Summer terms are considered to be part of the next academic year for billing and aid purposes.
Miscellaneous SBU Fees 
  • Transcript fee (per copy): $15.00
  • Graduation Fee (last semester): $100
  • Parking Permit (Olean only): $75 for the academic year 
  • Optional Health/Accident Insurance per year: $2,735
  • Optional Richter Center (fitness center) fee: $225 (year), $115 (semester), $20 (summer session)
  • Counseling graduate programs fee for software and internship supervision: $500 (assessed first semester)

    *International students are required to sign up for the student health insurance plan.

The university reserves the right to alter the above fees without notice.

International students please note: If your scholarship money exceeds the amount of tuition or designated room grants, you may be responsible for a 14% foreign scholarship tax, depending on your country of origin.
The graduate catalog contains information regarding late fees and refund policies.

Business Office Contact Information
(716) 375-2100
Fax: (716) 375-2005

Senior Citizen Program
St. Bonaventure University encourages local senior citizens to take advantage of its academic offerings. Accordingly, senior citizens are invited to enroll in undergraduate and graduate courses with the permission of the instructor and as space allows. The privilege is extended to those 60 years old or older.

Cost to Attend

Audit (no grade or credit received)
Senior citizens may audit courses, with the permission of the instructor, for $50 per course. The waiver paperwork must be completed each semester you intend to take a course. 

Credit-bearing Course
For any course taken for credit, senior citizens will be required to pay $180 per credit hour. The waiver paperwork must be completed each semester you intend to take a course.

These fees are subject to change.