St. Bonaventure University

Graduate Scholarships & Aid

A variety of options exist to help fund graduate study including scholarships, loan programs, work opportunities, assistantships and more. We encourage you to peruse the items listed below to identify those programs for which you may be eligible.


Scholarships are generally based on academic performance or potential. Grades, standardized test scores, a writing sample and an interview may be required as part of the scholarship process. Scholarship programs, especially those administered by outside organizations, may also look at factors such as an applicant's academic program, ethnic/racial background, and home state or region.

*Graduate students enrolled in the School of Health Professions are not eligible for St. Bonaventure institutional aid/scholarships.

  • Graduate assistantships

    Assistantships provide a waiver of tuition in exchange for a specified amount of work on campus. Grad assistants are utilized by a variety of departments around campus. Grades, GRE/GMAT scores, an additional recommendation, a writing sample and an interview may be required as part of the assistantship application process. Graduate assistants may not receive other types of SBU grants or scholarships.

  • Loans

    There are a variety of loan programs through which students may borrow for graduate study. Keep in mind that a loan is financial aid that must be repaid.

  • Other options

    There are a number of other opportunities to find funding for your graduate studies including the Veterans Tuition Award and numerous Other Sources of Aid. These options can be explored by clicking on the appropriate title in the left-hand navigation menu.