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Sorrento program participants holding a Bonaventure banner on a visit to Pompeii


Sorrento Program Testimonials

Sorrento was everything I needed: an opportunity to broaden my horizons and guide me to success
Shannon McNulty webIt's hard to believe that almost four years have passed since our magical summer spent in Sorrento. I was lucky enough to be one of the first students to be a part of Bonaventure's newest study abroad program. Little did I know I would gain a newfound self-confidence, deep appreciation for other cultures and best friends with whom I still don't go a day without chatting.

I can't think of anything that better prepared me for my senior year of college and the real world other than my summer in Sorrento. It taught me to step outside my comfort zone, form genuine relationships with people of all different cultures and to appreciate the little things life has to offer.

The lessons learned in and outside of the classroom in this program are unmatched. You are treated as an adult, live like a local and given the opportunity to find out who you are and what you truly want out of life. Not a day goes by where I miss sitting with my friends on Corso Italia sipping cappuccinos and discussing Anna's lecture from the day before.

As cliche as it sounds, my summer in Sorrento was everything I needed and more as a young adult entering the real world. I can't thank Anna and Sant'Anna enough for giving 21-year-old me an opportunity to broaden my horizons and guide me down a path to success.

— Shannon McNulty, '19
Sorrento program 2019
Major: Strategic Communication & Digital Media
Career: Paid social planner at Horizon Next Media, NYC


This program taught me the importance of community, and Sorrento, Italy, is a community like no other
Lauren VogelEmbracing the Italian culture and lifestyle was an experience of a lifetime. While living in Sorrento, Italy, for five weeks, not only did I learn several educational aspects but incredible life lessons as well.

The inspirational feeling of waking up there every day and exploring a world I have never experienced before is something that I simply cannot put into words.

After this incredible journey, the most impactful lesson I learned was the importance of community. I assimilated myself into a community that is like no other. Sorrento, Italy, has the most comforting, accepting, and intriguing surroundings that anyone could imagine.

Experiencing this authentic environment allowed me to bring this idea back to the Bonaventure community in hopes to spread the feelings and lessons I experienced in Sorrento.

— Lauren Vogel, '23
Sorrento program 2022
Major: B.S. Public Health

Our daughter blossomed at St. Bonaventure; the experience of studying abroad in Sorrento was an enormous part of that growth
Our daughter spent the summer in Sorrento, Italy, with program Director Anna Bulszewicz and the St. Bonaventure University Jandoli School of Communication. To say the experience was incredible would be an understatement.

The focus on student integration into Italian culture and the daily built-in experiences designed to facilitate that blending made this program different from other travel abroad experiences she has had, including those with us. The experience moved her growth forward in wonderful ways. 

She is thirstier for life. She is taking on opportunities that she would not have previously. She is stepping forward to interact and verbally communicate with all kinds of people: those older than her, those in different social circles, those with a different power dynamic. Her personality is shining for all to see. I believe this is a result of having to interview Sorrento residents/strangers for digital pieces students were required to create for the program. My daughter has always been confident, but that confidence seems to have matured.

In addition to classroom experiences, the program allowed the students some independence. As a result, my daughter became a stronger problem solver and planner. She manages situations and people in more forthcoming, outcome driven, and sophisticated ways. She learned to navigate, enjoy, and be safe in cultures that are very different from our own as she and her friends traveled around Italy and Greece.

The peer bonding encouraged by Anna warms my heart and was an invaluable component of the trip. Anna taught the students how to break out of their comfortable peer circles to befriend and include others whom they may not have initially considered. Think about how incredibly important that is. She helped them to recognize and appreciate the value and intrigue that lies within every person. By the program’s end, when the SBU students were tired and had not had a break from one another in five weeks, they were as close as could be and sad to be separating.

Many thanks to Anna and the university. My daughter has blossomed at St. Bonaventure University and the experience of studying abroad in Sorrento was an enormous part of that growth. My family and I are so grateful for both of you.

— Shayne Certo

My son's participation may be one of the most transforming and inspiring experiences of his years at Bonaventure

I recommend the Sant'Anna Institute study abroad experience for any Bona families considering exploring such opportunities. Located in beautiful, Sorrento, Italy, students are able to not only enjoy a top-notch academic experience, but live and learn while immersed in professional exploration, scenery and culture.

My son's participation may be one of the most transforming and inspiring experiences of his years at Bonaventure. Life lessons of travel, living, learning and meeting people around the globe will continue to be an asset far beyond the four walls of a classroom.

Anna Bulszewicz goes above and beyond to communicate with students and parents every step of the way. Parents will feel comforted to know their students are so well cared for both during preparation and while abroad.

I encourage families to explore the benefits of choosing Sorrento. I am beyond grateful our family made this decision. The friendships and memories of a lifetime are priceless.

  — Patty Rice