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Your Grand Tour Awaits

Your Sorrento lifestyle

Dips in the Mediterranean Sea, walks along the coast line and weekly excursions to nearby natural and architectural hot spots are just a part of daily life for students at Sant’Anna Institute.

Six student setting off on a walk about Sorrento
The Sorrento Study Abroad Program is an unparalleled study abroad experience because of its unique structure. While abroad, participating students will live just like locals along the Amalfi Coast.

Living in Sorrento

St. Bonaventure students living in Sorrento have access to some of Sant'Anna Institute's most beautiful accommodations, the institution's shared apartments.

Looking down on a street in Sorrento from an apartment windowLiving spaces will be shared exclusively among St. Bonaventure students, offering large-size and fully furnished living rooms, full kitchens with included appliances and, best of all, amazing views of the gorgeous Amalfi Coast.

Each shared apartment comes with:

  • a comfortable bed and linens
  • closet and dresser
  • a desk
  • a stove and cooking utensils
  • kitchen table and chairs
  • Wi-Fi and TV
  • air conditioning
  • a washing machine
For our students abroad, dorms are a concept of the past. We want our global citizens to feel the classic Sorrento lifestyle, while staying in accommodations reminiscent of full-time young professionals in the area.

Dining in Sorrento

Students studying abroad in Sorrento have access to quality Italian dining regularly, with high-end welcome and exit dinners included in the program cost,

Diners at an outdoor garden restaurant in SorrentoItaly is often noted as having some of the best food in the world. But, don’t be fooled, this magical country offers so much more than pasta, pizza and limoncello – a traditional, fermented lemon beverage served along the coast.

You will enjoy traditional Italian dishes and fine wine. Candlelit and personal, every dining experience on this transformative journey, from the initial gathering to our Sorrento sendoff, will breathe luxury, friendship and thought-provoking conversation.

Market shopping is very much ingrained in the local culture, with Sorrento locals frequently buying their weekly groceries at small, high-quality markets, such as Decò Market by the local train station, Conad Market and Casal in the city’s historic center.

Congratulating yourself on a day well-spent exploring the coast? Treat yourself to gelato at Bougainvillea like a true local. Hey, they offer a student discount, so the calories are that much easier to rationalize. 

Maybe your sweet tooth isn’t beckoning, but you’re in the mood for something savory. Stop by the insanely popular and to-die-for pizzerias of Sorrento, such as Pizzeria Da Franco, Gigino’s or Leone Rosso (Italian for “Red Lion”).

Dinner with a view? Stop by De Emilia for a sea-side indulgence of traditional, Italian gnocchi or a decadent seafood platter that’ll leave you feeling full, but satisfied.

Four students on a coastal path overlooking Sorrento

Exploring Sorrento

Sorrento’s social hub, Piazza Tasso, located nearby Sant’Anna Institute, is home to some of the best day and nighttime activities.

Two photos of the scenic Sorrento coastlineGo for a walk through the square and take in the sights along the way.

Feel the need to splurge? Walk down Corso Italia, right off the main square, and shop for everything from local artisanal goods to name-brand, designer clothing. There’s something for everyone: authentic Italian leather to take home for mom or a linen look for your upcoming excursion to the Isle of Capri.

In need of some peace and reflection, or maybe you’re missing St. Bonaventure a bit? Head to Cloiser of San Francesco, a local monastery dedicated to St. Francis, which is lined with gorgeous pillars and lush greenery. It won’t be hard to find a Sorrentine friar, willing to give a blessing.

Get in touch with nature and head to Marina Grande, which has served as Sorrento’s connection to the sea for almost 2,000 years. Fill your free time with beach access via the Bagni di Sant’Anna pier and traditional dining along the coast.

This sheltered area affords escape from downtown life for those in need of some rest and relaxation from the bustling daily life in Sorrento — except for one week each summer surrounding July 26, the Feast of Sant'Anna. The entire Marina Grande area turns into a fairground, with daily activities and booming nighttime fireworks, as locals celebrate one of the most anticipated holidays of the year.

6 things to do in & around Sorrento

Excursion opportunities

Sorrento’s prime location on the Amalfi Coast allows students to visit some of Italy’s most beautiful destinations.

Students touring PompeiiHave the day off of classes? Take a guided boat tour of Capri's iconic islands, situated within crystal clear waters that have become the backdrop to some of the world’s most iconic fashion campaigns. It’s the perfect way to spend the day soaking up the Mediterranean sun with your newfound best friends — diving into the Blue Grotto and Queen’s Bath.

Feeling active? Head over to Mount Vesuvius, right outside of Pompeii and dating back to the 2nd millennium B.C., and climb a volcano. Don’t worry it’s not active, but it sure is gorgeous.

Then there’s Naples – the ideal excursion for any foodie. This historic city’s world-famous pizza is just the starting point for your immersion into all things Italian. While you spend your day walking the city’s cobblestone streets and sightseeing at the Palace of Naples, don’t forget to take in the countless pastel storefronts that line every street.

For students looking to experience Italian history and the arts while abroad, there are plenty of Naples-based museums to traverse, too, such as the National Archeological Museum and Capodimonte Museum.

Nearby Positano is accessible by ferry for only 30 euros round trip. This iconic, coastal town along the Amalfi Coast draws on notable celebrities every summer, due to the area’s gorgeous views of the Mediterranean Sea, bustling nightlife and beach community. 

Summer study in Sorrento is for adults only, please

If you are fortunate enough to live and study in Sorrento next summer, the university and the program director will expect you to conduct yourself as a responsible adult and will treat you accordingly.

They will not babysit you. They will not monitor you. Unless you give them a reason to think otherwise, they will consider you to be ladies and gentlemen fully capable of making your own decisions and taking care of yourself.

The drinking age in Italy is 18. Do NOT enroll in the Sorrento program if it is your plan to go to Italy to drink. Anyone who abuses alcohol during the program may be expelled on the spot and sent back to the States at their own expense. This is not negotiable.

The same assumption of responsibility will apply to your academic work. You will be expected to handle much of your learning on your own.

In short, living in Italy and participating in the Summer Study in Sorrento program is for adults only. 

Student discounts

Students at Sant’Anna Institute are entitled to local discounts at Sorrento-based restaurants, markets, bars and pubs, retailers, museums and theaters.