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St. Bonaventure University employees mark anniversary milestones

May 19, 2020

Thirty-nine employees at St. Bonaventure University are marking employment anniversaries or retiring this spring.

Employees marking milestones are:

10 Years of Service

  • Stephen Curran, Men’s Basketball
  • Timothy Geiger, Technology Services
  • Yvette Jordan, Student Success Center
  • Jill Smith, Franciscan Institute

15 Years of Service

  • Karla Bright, Technology Services
  • Katie Fox, Facilities
  • Kelly Hand, Student Accounting Services
  • Dr. Michael Klucznik, Mathematics
  • Raymond Rogozinski, Athletics
  • Michael Rosenswie, Technology Services
  • Dr. Tracy Schrems, School of Education
  • Sarah Stangle, President’s Office
  • Bonnie Sturdevant, Finance and Administration

20 Years of Service

  • Mary Beatty, School of Education
  • Giles Bootheway, Finance
  • Dr. Adam Brown, School of Education
  • Dr. Charles “Joe” Coate, Accounting
  • Dr. James Fodor, Theology
  • Jason Geise, Safety and Security
  • Dr. Michael Hoffman, Technology Services
  • Donald Hopwood, Quick Center for the Arts
  • Dr. Josiah “Bart” Lambert, Political Science
  • Dr. Christopher Mackowski, Jandoli School of Communication
  • Nancy Ryan, Payroll
  • Mary Wiley, Safety and Security

25 Years of Service

  • Michael Bates, Tennis
  • Sally Kwiatkowski, Mathematics

30 Years of Service

  • Mary Beth Fidurko, Athletics

35 Years of Service

  • Kathleen Boser, Jandoli School of Communication
  • Dr. Michael Fischer, Accounting
  • Ann Kightlinger, Student Accounting Services
  • Larry Sudbrook, Baseball


  • Kathryn Black, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Thomas Dowiasz, Facilities
  • Phil Eberl, School of Education
  • Dr. Theodore “Ted” Georgian, Biology
  • Dr. Jerry Kiefer, Physics
  • Sally Kwiatkowski, Mathematics (also a 25-year celebrant)
  • Patsy O’Brien, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Connie Whitcomb, Career and Professional Readiness Center