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Marketing Program

We prepare our Marketing majors to be knowledgeable and ethical members of a career path that the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects will see steady growth through the end of the decade,

Why the demand?

Students gathered around a computer screen

How many times a day do you do a Google search? What pops up when you do, and why?

Today's marketing professionals need to know not only how to craft an online message, but how to optimize the chance that it lands high on the list of results generated by an online search engine. Then there's Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social media outlets; an industry of its own, with an audience — a customer base, if you will — in the millions.

Today's marketers are innovators and integrators who can communicate effectively across a broad media spectrum.

Other factors driving demand:
  • Competition: People are more cost-conscious and more selective today, so firms place a high priority on marketing their message. Even nonprofits, such as universities and hospitals, are competing for the attention of a more discerning consumer.
  • Policy change: Deregulation has brought competition to banking, transportation and other major industries. To stay competitive, they commit major resources to marketing initiatives.

It all came together

Marketing alumni Krystin Troyer Ryan and Patricia Nessle credit their St. Bonaventure education and training for making them feel comfortable and competent in their jobs "right off the bat."

Experiential learning with a solid business core

Majors begin with courses in the liberal arts and core business courses in marketing, organizational behavior, quantitative analysis, economics, finance, business law, and accounting.

Your junior and senior years will focus on higher-level required courses and electives, such as consumer behavior, marketing research and international marketing.

All students prepare a marketing plan for a client as a degree requirement, and they graduate with a range of projects demonstrating their skills and job readiness.

The program includes an advertising course called American Advertising Federation, in which students create a national advertising campaign for a real national advertiser, then present it at a national AAF competition in New York.

In addition to AAF, we have a host of additional nationally recognized student clubs and organizations.

Learn by doing through a required internship

All Marketing majors complete a 15-hour, 3-credit internship, which may be completed in an on- or off-campus setting. You will be guided through this process by the director of our own School of Business Internship Program.

Program Information

The School of Business offers a BBA in Marketing and a minor in Marketing.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

Marketing majors develop a broad working knowledge of the theory and practice of marketing. Program flexibility and adaptability to special interests is provided by electives within and outside the major.

Degree requirements and a 4-year plan of study for the Marketing major


  • Marketing minor

    For non-majors, the 18-hour Marketing minor is one of nine School of Business minors offering students an opportunity to study a specific area of business in more detail.

    Requirements for a minor in Marketing

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