St. Bonaventure University

Internship Program

Real-world experience matters in the workplace, which is why the School of Business Internship Program is a key component of our students' future success.

Through mentored intern hours, students gain vital insight into the day-to-day operations of a business. They hone both hard and soft skills, learn the importance of networking and improve their post-graduation job prospects.

Business majors and minors, and non-business majors with at least six hours of business courses are eligible to participate in the internship program.

An internship is required for students majoring in accounting, management, marketing and sport management. The only major for which there is presently no internship requirement is finance.

Internship details are available in our School of Business Internship Syllabus.

'That was a great hire'

A School of Business internship is a rewarding experience, for the intern, who sees how the real world works, and for the company opening the doors of opportunity.

A well-established network of opportunity

All “Big 4” accounting firms (Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC) and many regional ones (Bonadio, Chaimpou, BwB and Insero) actively recruit on campus for internships and full-time positions. Major banks, including Citi, Community, Key Bank, and M&T Bank, as well as Fortune 500 companies also recruit on campus.

St. Bonaventure's McQuade Center for Accounting Excellence also offers internships where students work with faculty on educational and research projects.

St. Bonaventure's extensive network of accomplished and loyal alumni are another pathway to success for recent graduates. "Alumni reach out through Facebook and LinkedIn with postings of potential placements," said Michael Kasperski, internship program director  "It's amazing how many people through our alumni base are willing to help other Bonaventure grads."

For more information on the School of Business Internship Program, please refer to the Business Internship Syllabus. (Note: For accounting majors there is a separate Accounting Internship Syllabus.)