St. Bonaventure University

Comments from Students

Here’s what students have to say about majoring in English.

English students at SBU don’t just walk away with a list of literary facts and a set of language skills. They learn to logically and intelligently build on their knowledge. They learn to ask more complex and pressing questions. And, most importantly, they learn to take their highly developed skills and apply them to our world in a wonderful and socially relevant way.
          —Christopher Radey

Being an English major at St. Bonaventure has been such a rewarding experience. Reading well, communicating effectively, writing coherently, and analyzing critically are just some of the measurable traits I have learned to hone and perfect, but the insight I have gained from my English courses has been immeasurable. The English department is full of intelligent, witty, and passionate people, and I’m so fortunate to be a part of it!
          —Matt Laurie

I loved being an English major at SBU. The professors are not only experts in what they teach, but they are passionate about sharing their knowledge. It made me more enthusiastic about classes and allowed me to explore new ideas with their guidance.
          —Francesca DeCillo

I loved everything about the English Department! Most of all it was the professors that I loved!
          —Hope Gardner

The wide range of required and elective English classes allowed me to experience a survey of English literature while giving me the opportunity to explore the topics and areas that interest me the most. The relatively small class sizes made it possible for me to get to know my professors, who are genuinely caring people that helped and encouraged me.
          —Monica Edwards

My favorite thing about being an English Major is the incredible amount of knowledge I have gained. I absolutely love learning about the people and cultures of different historical movements.
          —Cassie Fearing