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English Program

The Department of English at St. Bonaventure offers two undergraduate majors:

  • Bachelor of Arts in English (see below)
  • Bachelor or Arts in literary publishing and editing (go to website)

Bachelor of Arts in English

The major in English offers courses in the literature and literary history of England and America and communication courses in creative, professional, and digital writing and public speaking. English courses are open to all students, regardless of their major.

The chief purpose of a major in English is to enable students to analyze, contextualize, and evaluate significant literature and other writing in the English language, as well as to develop the student’s ability to read, write, and speak English as effectively as possible.

The department takes pride in the success its graduates have achieved in graduate studies, publishing, education, marketing, law — indeed, in virtually every major career area not demanding extensive and particular technical preparation.

Alumni Spotlight

Her experience in the English department helped Mya Coleman academically, professionally, and personally, and it gave her a network to draw on in the future. Meet Mya and other English alumni.

Student Testimonials

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Chattertons Poetry Club

Boy yelling "No apologies for art!" into a microphone

Chattertons is a club dedicated to the art of poetry.

Whether our members draw inspiration from rap and hip hop, traditional poetry or theater, we all write, study, and perform poetry.

In addition to weekly poetry workshops, we facilitate open mic nights in Café La Verna, visits from famous performance poets and a poetry event each semester displaying all of the talent the club holds.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

The Laurel Literary Magazine

Lighthouse with a rainstorm in the background

The Laurel is St. Bonaventure’s campus literary magazine and the oldest continuously-published college literary magazine in the United States. The magazine is published in the fall and spring.

Contributions of poetry, short fiction, nonfiction, photographs, and non-photographic visual art are welcome.

All editorial decisions, including the selections of work to publish, are made democratically by staff members—all of whom are current students.

For more information, visit The Laurel's website.

Program information

The Department of English offers a variety of courses, which, with a few exceptions, are open to qualified students whether or not they major in English. Here are upcoming/recent offerings:

The department offers a B.A. in English and a minor in English.

Bachelor of Arts in English

The major in English enables the student to understand, appreciate and evaluate the significant literature in the English language as well as to develop the student's ability to read, write, and speak English as effectively as possible.

Degree requirements and a four-year plan for the English major

  • Minor in English

    For non-majors, the English minor provides a solid grounding in English literature and the sharpening of reading and writing skills to complement their major fields.

    Requirements for the minor in English

    Want to minor in English? It's easy! English minor form

    Interested in literary publishing & editing?

    The English Department also offers a B.A. in literary publishing & editing. To learn more, visit the Literary Publishing & Editing Program.

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