St. Bonaventure University

Composition Program

The mission of the Composition Program at St. Bonaventure University is to provide and support writing instruction across the University. Our goals are twofold: we aim to prepare students to write and communicate in order to ensure success in the range of academic and professional contexts they will encounter, and we aim to instill in students a sense for the value of writing as a force for social change, social action, reflection, and personal growth. By delivering intensive individual attention to students as they develop their writing skills, the Composition Program contributes to the University’s mission of providing a learner-centered education grounded in the Catholic and Franciscan Tradition of ethics and service.

The Composition Program is housed in the English department and is directed by the department’s specialists in the fields of Rhetoric, Composition, and Writing Studies, but our focus extends to the entire University as we work to ensure that all students receive the training in writing they need for success. We thus consider the Composition Program in three levels: First Year Writing; Advanced Composition; and University-Wide writing.


Composition courses help students with developing and reflecting on their writing process, using critical concepts and vocabularies related to semiotics and rhetoric, communicating effectively in written, oral, and multimedia formats, and productively responding to and engaging with the writing of others.

  • ENG 100. Fundamentals of Written English
  • ENG 101. Writing I
  • ENG 102. Writing II
  • ENG 230. Public Speaking
  • ENG 250. Advanced Oral and Written Communication
  • ENG 260. Professional Communication
  • ENG 325. Writing in Digital Environments


Director of the Composition Program – Dr. Jeremy Smyczek