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Panzarella Writing Awards

The Panzarella Undergraduate Writing Awards

The Patrick Panzarella Writing Awards are an annual celebration of excellence in writing organized by the Department of English and generously supported by the Patrick Panzarella Endowment. The Patrick Panzarella Writing Awards are open to all undergraduate students, including non-majors, who completed or are completing a course with an ENG prefix in the 2020-2021 academic year.

The 2020-2021 award categories are as follows:

  • Short Critical Writing: An essay or research paper written for an ENG course. Submitted papers must be 2–5 double-spaced pages in length.
  • Long Critical Writing: An essay or research paper written for an ENG course. Submitted papers must be 6–12 double-spaced pages in length.
  • Fiction or Creative Non-Fiction: One or more pieces of prose written for an ENG course. Total submitted pages must not exceed 8 double-spaced pages.
  • Poetry: Three or more poems written for an ENG course. Total submitted pages may not exceed 8 double-spaced pages
  • Digital Writing: Work produced on and for a digital platform in an ENG course.

All submissions should be saved as PDF documents with your last name and the name of the award category in the name of the file. For Digital Writing, you may submit another type of file or a web link. You may submit work for more than one category.

Send all entries and refer all questions to Dr. Matt King (Send an email), Chair of the English Department, by Monday, April 5, 2021.

Awards will be announced by the end of the Spring semester.

2020–2021 Panzarella Writing Awards in English

Congratulations to these outstanding writers!

  • Short Critical Writing
    • 1st Prize: Akim Hudson, “Genny”
    • 2nd Prize: Thomas Reilly, “SIMPSONWAVE – The Sum of Many Parts” and “Discrimination of a New Age”
    • 3rd Prize: Benjamin Heilig, “Burke’s Expansion of Rhetoric”
  • Long Critical Writing
    • 1st Prize: Willow Baginski, “Environmental Racism and Diversity in the Environmental Community”
    • 2nd Prize: Allison Zhang, “The Inherent Obstacles of a Hyphenated Identity: The Facets of the Pan-Ethnic Spectrum of Second Generation Bicultural Asian-Americans
    • 3rd Prize: Giovanni Noti, “Time for Change”
  • Fiction / Creative Nonfiction
    • 1st Prize: Victoria Wangler, “Chapter Five” and “Chapter Two”
    • 2nd Prize: Alicia Maxwell, “On That Summer Day”
    • 3rd Prize: Allison Zhang, “The Scar Tissue Theory: Vodka, My Father, and Me”
  • Poetry
    • 1st Prize: Okikiola Michael, “a poem is a gesture towards home,” “fun fact!: slurping harder makes existential dread nearly quiet.,” “LANDYACHTZ cruiser, old school edition,” and “minority”
    • 2nd Prize: Anahiz Rivera, “Dreaming of Dance,” “I Jump to Conclusions,” “Duplex,” “BURNED BELOVED,” and “Circle”
    • 3rd Prize: James Matthew Villanueva, “Duplex,” “A Poem is a Gesture Toward Home,” “Medal of St. Dymphna,” “I don’t know,” “Step back, look at it,” “Look Forward Angel,” and “A utopia meî”
  • Digital Writing
    • 1st Prize: Tucker Reilly, “Negentropy”
    • 2nd Prize: Anahiz Rivera, “A/V Project”
    • 3rd Prize: John Conlon, “Self-Portrait”