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Adolescent 5-12 Literacy Extension Advanced Certificate of Study

The Adolescent 5-12 Literacy Extension Advanced Certificate of Study (ACS) program is designed for SBU graduates who have already earned their MSED Childhood Literacy B-6 degree. This ACS extends a current Childhood Literacy certification by adding qualifications to teach reading in adolescent grades 5-12.

Do you want the option of teaching reading B-12? 

If you completed St. Bonaventure University's MSED Childhood Literacy program between 2000 and 2020,* SBU's School of Education has an incredible opportunity for you.

Prior to introduction of the Birth to Grade 12 (B-12) Literacy Program in 2020, leading to dual certification in B-6 and 5-12 literacy, childhood literacy and adolescent literary were separate programs leading to separate certifications. Since introduction of the B-12 program, past SBU graduates of the childhood and adolescent literacy programs have inquired about what it would take to achieve certification in the other area, making them dually certified.

We're happy to now be offering that opportunity through our MSED B-6 and MSED 5-12 Literacy Extension Certificate programs.

Complete the 5-12 Literacy Extension ACS completely online 

The 5-12 Literacy Extension ACS program consists of only 9 credit hours, with one course in the fall, one course in the spring, and a short 7-week summer practicum. It includes coursework in literacy thinking processes and reading approaches with secondary learners, small group reading instruction with students in grades 5-12, and digital/multiple literacies across disciplines.  

The program is offered 100% online so you can complete your ACS from anywhere. Each class meets two times synchronously per month, with the rest of the coursework completed online at your convenience.   

The program is best started in the fall, with one 3-credit course in each of the fall and spring semesters, followed by a Summer 2 practicum (when teachers are not busy with their own classrooms) leading to an August graduation. The 7-week (50 hour) summer practicum with 5-12 students is conducted by the St. Bonaventure University Reading Center and may be completed face-to-face on the SBU campus, virtually, or face-to-face in your hometown with willing young readers. Which option is best for you is decided in consultation with the program director based on your needs and location. 

The 5-12 Literacy Extension ACS program meets New York state course requirements for Adolescent Literacy certification.

If you do not have your MSED Literacy degree and wish to be certified B-12, certified teachers who have completed initial certifications may enroll in our Master's Birth to Grade 12 program.  

  • *Note: This program is only available to St. Bonaventure University alumni who graduated between 2000 and 2020, the time period when childhood and adolescent literacy were separate degrees leading to separate certifications.