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Please be alerted that the title and ISSN of our journal have been hijacked by a fake website, which has no legal standing and no academic value. We are in no way connected to this illegal operation nor responsible for its activities. We are currently examining options to neutralize this fake website. Cithara is a print journal published in the United States and this website is its only legitimate online presence.


Cithara is a peer-reviewed journal of essays in the Judaeo-Christian tradition. It is published in May and November by St. Bonaventure University and distributed in hardcopy and electronic format by EBSCO Publishing.

Cithara has as its purpose the publication of essays and book reviews relating to the problems of human beings in the light of their heritage and of their future. Although investigations in the field of liberal arts will more frequently furnish materials suitable for publication, the approach to such “essays in the Judaeo-Christian tradition” should be inter-departmental and should state or imply a relationship to that religious and cultural inheritance.


A yearly subscription is $20.00 U.S. for individuals or institutions, domestic or foreign. Single issues including back issues, if available, are $10. 


Submissions from potential contributors are are to be in MS Word format and may be emailed to Cithara Editor. The style is that of the MLA Handbook, Fourth Edition. Notes should be formatted separately as endnotes and attached at the end of the file as a separate page.

A separate bibliography should be attached as a separate page at the end of the file and bibliographical references should appear in short form only in the text of the essay.

Please direct all inquiries about submissions and other editorial issues to Cithara Editor or to:

The Editor, Cithara
P.O. Box B.C.
St. Bonaventure, New York 14778  

Cithara Staff

Editor: Oleg V. Bychkov 
Associate Editors: James Fodor, Lauren Matz, Daniel L. Tate 
Advisory Board: Joel Benington, John Mulryan, Brian Stock, Richard Viladesau

Opinions expressed in Cithara are not necessarily those of the editors or the advisory board.