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Consortium for the Study of Pregnancy and Prenatal Development

The Consortium for the Study of Pregnancy and Prenatal Development at St. Bonaventure University studies the factors that impact pregnancy and prenatal development

The consortium's goal is to improve local and global knowledge of those factors, and to improve the well-being of developing embryos, fetuses, infants, mothers and all other stakeholders in pregnancy health.

The consortium was developed by professors of biology, chemistry, education and nursing, whose disciplines all play a part in investigating various aspects of pregnancy and prenatal development. Through the consortium, the researchers share their expertise so as to benefit from each other's work, and in an effort to better understand this vast and critically important field of study.

Consortium members

Pictured: Adam Brown, Ph.D.Dr. Adam Brown, professor of education
Brown's expertise is in human development, which he has taught for 20 years. He developed an honors course titled "Human Pregnancy" and he’s collecting research for a pregnancy textbook. Brown also is researching ways to reduce nausea and vomiting during pregnancy (NVP) while increasing health outcomes for embryos and fetuses.
Brown's research team

xiao-ning-zhang_wDr. Xiao-Ning Zhang, professor of biology
Zhang is director of the university's biochemistry program. She studies the production of compounds in plants that, if ingested in high dosage, have the potential to disturb development of the embryo or fetus. Her work could lead to strategies to prevent vegetables from making high levels of these compounds before they go to market.
The Zhang Lab website

Scott SimpsonDr. Scott Simpson, assistant professor of chemistry
Simpson’s work is specifically designed to remove pesticide residuals from food. Many of these pesticides are neurotoxins or hormone/endocrine disruptors that can greatly effect a developing fetus.
The Simpson Research Group

Connie Perkins, founding director of nursing programs at SBUDr. Connie Perkins, founding director of nursing

Perkins worked in maternity and the nursery at UPMC Cole in Coudersport, Pennsylvania, before coming to St. Bonaventure. She was certified in neonatal resuscitation and pediatric advanced life support. Her role in the consortium is to dispense critical information to working nurses.

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