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ll great stories have a strong
beginning and a pivotal mo-
ment that sets the characters
on their future paths. For many
members of St. Bonaventure's
Alumni Association, one of those
auspicious moments happened on
our postcard picture campus or in our hallowed halls.
On our alumni Web page, I recently asked you to share
the story of what brought you to St. Bonaventure.
Here's my story:
I heard about St. Bonaventure
from a high school classmate named Charlene. Her
older sister had recently graduated with a degree from
the School of Journalism/Mass Communication (before
it was named after its esteemed former dean, Russell J.
Jandoli), and that was a career path in which I had a
lot of interest. I remember my tour of the campus and
the unknown students who opened doors and said
hello. There was no denying the friendly and familial
air at St. Bonaventure.
The turning point came after I submitted my applica-
tion. A J/MC professor, student, or recent graduate
called me every couple weeks to chat about the jour-
nalism program and its opportunities, answer ques-
tions, and discuss campus life. Those interactions
factored strongly into my decision to attend St. Bona-
venture. What a special place the University must be if it
took that much interest in me before I was an official
student. Even after I accepted my offer, I received a few
more phone calls to ensure I was happy with my deci-
The education I received and the skills I developed
through my internships are the foundations of my suc-
cessful career. In fact, the career path on which I am
traveling was initially inspired by my college roommate
and fostered through club activities and professorial
guidance. I know many of you have similar experiences.
Telling our stories is a powerful way to spread the
word about St. Bonaventure. I urge each of you to
reach out to your family and friends with college-
bound students and encourage them to consider and
visit St. Bonaventure.
Prospective students
(and you) can visit cam-
pus as often as you'd
like through our new virtual tour. Think of the impact
if each of us reached just one more person.
And please continue sharing your stories with our
university community by emailing the alumni office at
Kristan McMahon, Esq., '97
1930 -- Thomas J. Byrnes'
son Don-
ald wrote an essay about his father
that appeared in a recent issue of
"The Catholic Response Magazine."
The reflection was titled "How God,
St. Bonaventure and My Father Found
Priestly Vocations in a Public High
School Math Classroom." Thomas
Byrnes was named the university's
Alumnus of the Year in 1961.
1950 -- Sam Urzetta
was recog-
nized posthumously with his induc-
tion into the New York State Golf
Association (NYSGA) Hall of Fame on
Oct. 10. Urzetta more than made his
mark while at St. Bonaventure. On
the basketball court, he led the nation
in free throw shooting during his jun-
ior year and still holds the school
record for career free throw percent-
age at .903, finishing his career with
556 points. As a golfer, he won the
New York Amateur Championship in
1948 and captured the U.S. Amateur
Championship at Minneapolis Golf
Club in 1950. After turning profes-
sional in 1954, Urzetta went on to
play in four U.S. Opens, four Masters
Tournaments and four PGA Champi-
onships. He became the head profes-
sional at the Country Club of
Rochester in 1956 and remained
there until his retirement in 1993. In
1969, he was a member of the first
induction class of the St. Bonaventure
Athletics Hall of Fame and was
elected into the Western New York
PGA Hall of Fame in 1986. He passed
away in 2011.
1953 -- John Romagnoli
was recog-
nized posthumously by his high
school, Canastota Central School,
with induction into the 2015 Wall of
Distinction. Following graduation
from St. Bonaventure, Romagnoli de-
clined an opportunity to participate in
the NY Giants training camp, instead
returning home to help care for his
widowed mother and work on the
family's small farm. Shortly thereafter
he began his career in the contracting
business. He was the founder and co-
founder of several successful busi-
nesses, including Abscope
Environmental, Inc., and CCI Compa-
nies, Inc. Collectively, the companies
have performed more than half a bil-
lion dollars in infrastructure/remedia-
tion work since their inception. Ro-
magnoli was also a past president of
the Canastota School Board and re-
cipient of the Distinguished Alumni
and Distinguished Citizen awards.
1965 -- Bob Barnek
was inducted
into the 2015 American Helenic Edu-
cational Progressive Association's Ath-
letic Hall of Fame. Barnek averaged
13 points per game during his career
at St. Bonaventure and was captain of
the 1965 team after being named First
Team All-New York City in high school.
He was drafted by the Philadelphia
76ers and also played professionally
for the Greek National team.
1968 -- Jacqueline Trescott
will be
among 11 journalists inducted into
the National Association of Black Jour-
nalists 2015-2016 Hall of Fame. The
association describes her as a "com-
pelling and ground-breaking writer"
for the Washington Post who has
written on the cultural life and
achievements of African-Americans.
NABJ is an organization of journalists,
students and media-related profes-
sionals that provides quality programs
and services and advocates on behalf
of black journalists worldwide.
Founded in Washington, D.C., in
1975, NABJ is the largest organization
of journalists of color in the nation.
1973 -- Eileen Bross Grzybowski
was selected as a NASA SOFIA
(Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared
Astronomy) Airborne Astronomy Am-
bassador for 2015.
She and her
flew two flights
aboard SOFIA to
learn about in-
frared astronomy.
Grzybowski is a sci-
ence teacher with
Norman North
High School, Norman, Okla. SOFIA,
the largest airborne observatory in the
world, is capable of making observa-
tions that are impossible from any
ground-based telescope. Part of
SOFIA's mission is to foster the educa-
tion of young scientists and engineers
by taking 14 two-person teams of ed-

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