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WINTER 2015-16
Diana Lawrence-Brown
, professor of
differentiated instruction at St. Bonaven-
ture, co-authored the book "Condition
Critical: Key Principles for Equitable and
Inclusive Education," with Mara Sapon-
Diverse students are
an increasing pres-
ence in today's
schools, with accom-
panying interest and
concern by educators.
"Condition Critical"
focuses on students
with a broad range of
traditionally marginal-
ized differences (in-
cluding but not limited to disabilities,
cultural/linguistic/racial background, gen-
der, sexual orientation and class).
Learning to apply a critical perspective is
a challenging and often overlooked aspect
of teacher and administrator preparation.
This book explores ways that damaging
assumptions take hold and how they can
be disrupted, with practical strategies for
helping teachers and administrators ana-
lyze assumptions about education and
people with traditionally marginalized dif-
Rosemary Aubert, '68,
has published a
sixth novel in her Ellis Portal Mystery series.
In "Don't Forget You Love Me," Ellis Por-
tal has resigned from solving mysteries. Or
so he thinks. When a
profound, personal
tragedy propels him
into a puzzling case
with no suspects and
no clues, he's forced
back into the world of
crime. Against the
drama of a Toronto
conference that brings
world leaders to the
city, Ellis finds himself
surrounded with new enemies and old al-
lies, one of whom threatens to make de-
mands on him he's in no position to meet.
"Don't Forget" is available at Information about the book
is also available at
Kevin Horgan's
new book is "The
March of the Orphans And the Battle of
Stones River" published by Xulon Press.
One of the bloodiest battles of the Civil
War, the Battle of Stones River (aka
Murfreesboro) was almost fought to a
draw, but the hubris of General Braxton
Bragg, CSA, forced one last rebel attack,
and the confederates were routed by a
superior Union Army on January 2, 1863,
after three days of
brutal fighting. All of
the Kentucky Confed-
erate regiments were
known as "Orphans,"
as both the USA and
the CSA had a star on
its respective flag
claiming the alle-
giance of the state.
James Time, an itin-
erant northern seaman turned soldier,
finds himself leading a platoon of or-
phans, youngsters in every respect, in the
6th Kentucky Regiment of the Rebel
Follow Sgt. Time as he leads his young
and inexperienced soldiers into battle
against a larger and better equipped
Union Army.
Horgan, a member of the Class of 1979,
is a USMC veteran (`79-'84) and served as
an infantry officer.
Corporate dropout and first-time author
Laura Noe, '84,
challenges her definitions
and beliefs about what it means to live as
an American woman and mother.
In "Travels with My Son: Journeys of the
Heart," Noe chronicles her travels with
her son as they journey
to four continents. In-
sights and wisdom are
revealed through their
From New York City to
Marrakech, Budapest to
Omaha Beach, France,
Turkey and the Czech
Republic, to name a few
places, Noe seeks to expand her young
son's worldview. The journeys expand her
views on motherhood, global citizenship
and herself.
Leaving comfortable Connecticut be-
hind, Noe and her son expose themselves
to new people, different cultures and food
and are transformed.
The travels inspire Noe to look into her
deeper ancestry through National Geo-
graphic's genome project. Her worldview
is forever altered by the results.
Bruce H. Snyder, `98, `99,
has written
his first book about trading stock options.
Tricks from the Trade Desk" identifies
many of the risks and pitfalls that retail
option traders encounter and provides al-
ternatives and solutions to the trader. The
information included in this work comes
from several years of
experience on the
trading floor of the
Chicago Board Op-
tions Exchange, on
the trade desk of a
major online invest-
ment broker, as well
as a three-year as-
signment abroad in
Snyder also operates www.synthetic-fri-, an investment-oriented blog,
and can be reached at
"Only Three" by
Jennifer (Kayal)
Speck, '92,
is a heartwarming reminder
of what a 3-year-old can really do.
The book is engaging to the reader with
its use of repetition and rhyming. Pub-
lished by New York City-based Page Pub-
lishing, the tale was inspired by Speck's
younger daughter,
Mary-Kaylee. When
her older daughter
was in kindergarten,
Speck and Mary-
Kaylee would spend
their time reading,
playing, painting,
cleaning, and some-
times grocery shop-
ping. It occurred to
Speck that all of the things she did, Mary-
Kaylee was able to do them, too.
"'Only Three' is a testament to how very
special all children are and that they shine
each and every day, in their own unique
way," said Speck. The book is available at
the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google
Play and Barnes and Noble.
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