Play a pivotal role in the success of St. Bonaventure.

St. Bonaventure University

Be a leader among Bona's donors

Among the supporters who continue to build and believe in St. Bonaventure is an influential group of men and women, both young and old, who embrace the spirit of giving. They are members of our prestigious giving societies.

As we share the story of our success, there is another story in the making — that of our future. We need you to help St. Bonaventure remain the special place that it is, where students can grow in their moral, intellectual and physical capacities, and where a strong commitment to Franciscan ideals thrives.

You can play a pivotal role in Bona's continued success through your membership in the Devereux Giving Society and the Seraphim Legacy Society. 
  • A Bolder Bonaventure

    Whichever way you choose to give, you can take pride in the fact that your gift amount will be counted in the Bolder Bonaventure fundraising campaign.

    We are well on our way to raising $125 million by May 31, 2025!  >> Learn more about the largest fundraising campaign in the university's history.
    A Bolder Bonaventure wordmark