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Students show initiative

Determining a way to manage inactive records wasn’t part of his job description, but Jacob Brockel, a junior Accounting major from Allegany, New York, tackled the problem anyway.

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SWOB serve hundreds in DR medical mission

SBU's Students Without Borders (SWOB) spent spring break on medical mission in the Dominican Republic.

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Alumnus Chris Ekimoff is stalwart supporter

For Chris Ekimoff, '07 (MBA '08), supporting the university and the next generation comes naturally.

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Rebecca Schneider & Bona's

Rebecca Schneider has a long history with Bona's. That's why she's thrilled to study here today.

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Mulryans leave their mark

“I wouldn’t change a thing.” This is how Prof. Sandra Mulryan sums up her more than 35-years at St. Bonaventure University.

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Creating a "wow" factor

Coach Darryn Fiske details need for new strength and conditioning center.

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Reflecting on his time at SBU

Whether in the classroom or on a hiking trail, Fr. Peter Schneible, O.F.M., keeps his focus on the present moment and what it means to share it with others.

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Studying abroad is eye-opener

For Elizabeth Egan, '23, studying abroad in Italy was an incredible experience.

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Amping up athletic abilities

The triad of preparation, practice and patience is paying off for St. Bonaventure golfer Lance Sininger, '23.

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Fulbright Scholar

Dr. Iulian Mihai Damian, a native of Romania and a senior lecturer and assistant professor at Babes-Bolyai University, utilized the Franciscan Institute Collection during a research sabbatical.

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From Austria to Bona's

St. Bonaventure soccer goalie Chiara Gottinger, who grew up in an active, outdoors family in Austria.

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Breaking through barriers

Senior Deandre (Dre) Allen is determined to push beyond all barriers to reach his definition of success.

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Seeking every opportunity

Beyond being a full-time student and athlete, Griffin Witte is getting all he can out of his experience at St. Bonaventure University.

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Launching a career

Computer science and cybersecurity double major Emma Stoeckle landed a job at Ford Motor Company following early graduation.

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A bright future

Working hard and remaining focused on her goals is how journalism major Karolina Dombaxi maintains her high output.

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Dr. Paula Scraba, O.S.F., champions others

For Dr. Paula Scraba, O.S.F., an associate professor of physical education, championing others is a way of life.

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Maydonovitch siblings fund research

Having enjoyed rewarding careers after graduating from Bona's, siblings Corinne and Daniel Maydonovitch are now establishing a chemistry research fellowship.

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Cassidey Kavathas & Bona's

"I like to consider my path to Bona's unique," said Cassidey Kavathas, who was embraced by the community long before she applied.

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Jack Steger & Bona's

You'll have to move fast to keep up with senior Jack Steger. This marketing and management double major with a sports management minor makes every moment count at Bona's.

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Jamie Peace: A strong Bona/Friar bond

Jamie Peace discovered SBU and the friars when he was just a boy. “Now,” he says, “my family is very much a Bona friar family."

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Kathy Boser nourishes family atmosphere

Jandoli's Kathy Boser has nourished a family atmosphere for more than 36 years. To many she is the embodiment of the Bona's values.

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Revealing the divine through art

Master iconographer Br. Robert Lentz, O.F.M., is a retired friar living at the St. Bonaventure Friary. His innovative icons are known worldwide.

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Bona's: Worth It

“Being able to study at St. Bonaventure is worth everything,” said senior journalism major Jeremy Castro. He values the good friends and great teachers he has found here.

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Standing out at Bona's

If MBA candidate Mary Welch had to pick one word to describe her time at Bona’s, growth would be it. "Growth has been the highlight of my time at Bonaventure," she said.

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Finding Purpose at Bona's

Connections and relationships. These are what matter most in life, says Clinton Afful, a senior public health major at St. Bonaventure.

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Saying yes to opportunity

Taylore Lunger, a graduate student in the 4+1 MBA in Professional Accountancy program, learned to step out of her comfort zone at Bona's.

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A dream come true

If there’s anything Jennifer Landow lives by, it’s that it’s never too late. The 46-year-old graduated in December 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in physical education.

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A will to lead

Norb Bennett, Class of 1962, hopes Bona students “carry forward the values of St. Bonaventure and maintain a lifelong, active role with the university and with their classmates.”

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Enjoying a non-traditional education at Bona's

Mother of seven, substitute teacher and full-time student LaDonna Freundschuh knows the meaning of the word busy.

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Teaching: A chance to change the world

For Logan Abplanalp, the Inclusive Special Education Master’s Program has opened doors for him in the ever-changing field of education.

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Bona's strong bonds matter

MBA candidate Rebekah Liszewski credits the strong #BonaFamily bonds for helping her realize her full potential.

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Shining bright in familiar Bona territory

“Do your work, get educated and have fun.” These are the tenets of senior cybersecurity major Adam Irwin who is on track to graduate early.

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Finding her place

For senior Priscilla Contreras, it feels like “just yesterday” that she arrived at Bona’s from the Bronx as an undeclared major with no connection to campus.

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Cheering at Bona's

Cheering has been a lifelong sport for Bradford alumna Brianna Goodell, who has been enjoying the sport since the age of four.

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A legacy of possibility

The Hagstrom family is honoring their mother's “legacy of possibility” with a scholarship. Rising junior Hunter Ehrenberg is a recipient this semester.

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Instrumentation suite gives students an edge

Bona students gain hands-on, employable skills while conducting high-quality research—all thanks to a modern instrumentation lab.

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The Road Taken

As he looks back at a successful & rewarding career, Terry Morgan, '68, knows he took the right path in choosing to attend St. Bonaventure.

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Investing in the future

After a successful career as an executive on Wall Street and early retirement in his fifties, John Deignan, '65, has since spent his time paying it forward.

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Empowered by Bona's

Jessie Briggs Joyce, Ph.D., points to her time at St. Bonaventure as a key ingredient in her success.

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