Pay it forward through a gift to Bona's endowment


WHETHER YOU WOULD LIKE TO CREATE scholarship support for students, endorse excellence in faculty research and teaching, or enhance academic programs, an endowed gift will allow you to make a lasting impact at St. Bonaventure. 

For instance, anonymous benefactors chose to establish the Dr. Patrick Panzarella EndowedPictured_Dr_Patrick_Panzarella Professorship for the Department of English. Their endowed gift pays tribute to the 50-plus-year career of Dr. Panzarella (pictured at right), while providing $12,500 per year in crucial faculty and student support. 

When you make a gift to the endowment, it becomes a permanent legacy in support of educational excellence. In the endowment fund, the principal is protected and a portion of the earned income (an average of 5 percent) is used to help with current expenses.

Those funds are vital for providing student scholarships, faculty support, and capital needs. Growing the endowment also supports our Franciscan heritage, student extracurricular activities, and our beautiful campus infrastructure. Please contact us today to discover how you can make a difference with a gift to St. Bonaventure's endowment.   

Endowment Opportunities 

 •$2,000,000 - Endowed Academic Chair provides $100,000 annually.

•$250,000 - Endowed Professorship provides $12,500 annually.    

•$100,000 -  Endowed Visiting Professorship provides $5,000 annually. 

•$50,000 - Graduate & Undergraduate Endowed Research Fellowship provides $2,500 annually.    

•$50,000 minimum - Endowed Scholarship provides $2,500 annually. 

•$25,000  - Endowed Visiting Lecturer provides $1,250 annually. 

•$25,000 - Endowed Program Fund provides $1,250 annually. 

Example: A program endowment gift of $100,000 would create revenue of $5,000 per year for the program or department of your choice.


How can you help guarantee St. Bonaventure University’s long-term success while making a direct impact on today’s students? By giving to the endowment.

A strong endowment will allow St. Bonaventure to meet the needs of the students and communities we serve — both today and tomorrow — and will preserve our unique Franciscan identity far into the future.

The endowment is the sum of our invested capital. A portion of the earned income from the investments (an average of 5 percent) is used to support the university and the specific programs of your choice.

Your gift to the endowment can be unrestricted or restricted, meaning that you can designate your gift for a specific purpose (such as for scholarship support or faculty development).

Giving to the endowment also allows you to establish a legacy for your family. Family members can make gifts to the fund to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, allowing you to pass on your values as generations join in support of your endowed gift.

By giving to St. Bonaventure’s endowment, you become a constructive force for the future while helping today’s students.