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First-Year Programs

You don't start your new life as a Bonnie alone. We partner with you every step of the way with programs and services that ensure your smooth transition to college life.

Freshman Orientation

Freshman & new student Orientation

Separate Orientation programs are conducted for each of the three groups of new Bonnies arriving on campus each year: Freshmen, fall transfer students, and students arriving at the start of the spring semester in January.

Orientation is an opportunity to learn about everything that St. Bonaventure has to offer  — both in and out of the classroom. All incoming freshmen and one guest are encouraged to attend one of our Orientation sessions to be held this summer.

Please note that separate orientation programs are conducted for transfer students beginning studies in the fall semester, and for new students enrolling for the start of the spring semester in January.

In-person freshman Orientation sessions set for July

Four two-day, in-person Orientation sessions are scheduled for July. Students may reserve a spot on a first-come, first-served basis. An online session will also be held to accommodate students who live great distances from campus.

Learn more about ORIENTATION AT SBU.

All Bonaventure Reads

A reading and writing assignment for first-year students

Covers of books read in the All Bona Reads program
The All Bonaventure Reads initiative selects a book for presentation to first-year students at Orientation. As their first official assignment freshman year, students read the book and write a reflective essay. Selected essays are published in a hardcover book. The book is discussed in a first-year seminar course (see SBU 101 below), and the author is invited to campus to meet with students and give a public talk.

  • SBU 101. Community of Learners

    Freshman seminar course emphasizing learning as a communal process

    SBU 101. Community of Learners, is a required two-credit seminar course for first-year students that examines the characteristics and functions of community. By examining healthy and dysfunctional groups, you will evaluate communities at the local, national and global levels.
    SBU 101 teaches you about effective learning strategies and campus resources to enhance your academic achievement. By exploring facets of St. Bonaventure University's learning community, you will gain the understanding that learning is often a communal, not an isolated, process. The core text for this course will be the All Bonaventure Reads (see above) text.

    Peer Coaching

    A helping hand from academically achieving upperclass students

    Peer coaches are upperclass students who succeed in the classroom and want to help incoming students do the same by helping them make the transition to college life and encouraging them to get involved in campus activities.
    Coaches are empowering, positive, academically savvy, mature, responsible, engaged within the university, open and honest. They are committed to helping all freshmen have a great first year experience by helping them connect with the campus community.
    Your peer coach will contact you by e-mail in August to introduce himself or herself and begin to answer any questions you have about starting out at SBU. You will meet your peer coach during Welcome Days activities. (Learn about Welcome Days in First-Year Student FAQ below.)

    CORE: Collegiate Opportunities to Reach Excellence

    Helping students develop college-essential skills

    CORE is a program that helps ensure a smooth transition to college life and academics for St. Bonaventure's Freshman Foundation students — those who need guidance in order to take full advantage of the support services offered by the university.

    The CORE program helps Freshman Foundation students learn to:

    • get and stay organized
    • study effectively
    • manage their time and avoid procrastination
    • take advantage of the many campus resources available to help them to achieve success.

    A key offering for CORE students is FRES 100, a seminar that meets once a week during the first semester. It's been demonstrated that students who complete FRES 100 have higher GPAs and are more successful at SBU than those who don't.
    The academic success plan for CORE students requires them to meet with their academic advisers during the first few weeks of class and encourages use of Student Success Center programs and resources.

    First-Year Student FAQs

    Answers to frequently asked questions from confirmed students

    How do I register for Orientation? What and when are Welcome Days? How do I sign up for classes? Answers to these and many other questions.