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Stanley's latest book looks at sickness in the ancient world

Oct 06, 2022

"Paul and Asklepios: The Greco-Roman Quest for Healing and the Apostolic Mission," the most recent book by Dr. Christopher D. Stanley, professor emeritus, was published in September by T & T Clark, a division of Bloomsbury Publishing. 
In the first half of the book, Stanley uses an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural model to analyze the nature and extent of sickness in the ancient world and the various methods that were used to treat it, including home remedies, "magical" cures, religious healing, and medical care. 
In the second half, he explores what is known about how ancient Jews and Christians viewed and treated sickness as a backdrop for speculating on what the apostle Paul might have thought, said, and done with regard to his own and his followers' health care. 
The book has received glowing reviews from early readers, some of which are posted on the publisher's Website and the book's Amazon listing page.