St. Bonaventure University


  • Andrew Belfield, St. Bonaventure University
    Belfield, Andrew Gertner
    Assistant Professor, Theology and Franciscan Studies
    Office phone: (716) 375-2149
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    Murphy Professional Building 233
  • bychkov-for-profile
    Bychkov, Oleg V.
    Professor of Theology
    Director, Native American and Indigenous Studies Program
    Editor of Cithara

    Office phone: (716) 375-2443
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    Plassmann Hall E-8
  • fr-david-couturier-web
    Couturier, Fr. David B., O.F.M. Cap.
    Associate Professor of Theology
    Executive Director, Franciscan Institute

    Office phone: (716) 375-2160
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    Murphy Professional Building 100
  • dr-james-fodor
    Fodor, James
    Professor of Theology
    Office phone: (716) 375-2418
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    Fax: (716) 375-7857

    Plassmann Hall E-9
  • Aaron Gies, St. Bonaventure University
    Gies, Aaron M.
    Assistant Professor of Theology & Franciscan Studies
    Office phone: (716) 375-7838
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    Friedsam Library Research Office
  • jfg-calogeras_web
    Godet-Calogeras, Jean-François
    Professor Emeritus, Theology and Franciscan Studies
    General Editor, Franciscan Studies

    Phone: (716) 541-7924
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  • Fr. Kyle Haden, O.F.M.
    Haden, Fr. Kyle
    Associate Professor of Theology
    Chair of the Department of Theology and Franciscan Studies

    Office phone: (716) 375-2106
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    Murphy Professional Building 231
  • Fr. Dominic Monti, O.F.M., St. Bonaventure University
    Monti, Fr. Dominic, O.F.M.
    Distinguished Professor of Franciscan Studies
    Office phone: (716) 375-2146
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    Murphy Professional Building 237