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Journals accept articles by Case and King, King and King

Feb 24, 2022

Dr. Carl J. Case, professor of business information systems, and Darwin L. King, professor of accounting, had their paper titled "Fair Information Practices: An Empirical Review of the Fortune 500" accepted to be published in the Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences (JBBS).

The JBBS, sponsored by the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences, is an interdisciplinary double-blind peer-reviewed journal that publishes papers in the areas of management, marketing, economics, finance, business ethics, legal studies and information technology.

Additionally, King, along with his son, Edward D. King, '05, published an article in the December 2021 issue of the Oil, Gas & Energy Quarterly.

Titled "The Timber Industry and Covid-19," the article discussed the many ways that the timber industry was disrupted by the pandemic. In particular, it discussed the effects to timber harvesting, timber processing and manufacturing, timber and paper prices, and the multitude of effects on individuals working in this industry.

This is the 48th article that Darwin King has published in this journal over the last 22 years.